Greetings again! The following is a Summer Testimony by a wonderful lady and a dear friend. Pam Shorey opened her home to me with her gift of hospitality. She took a leap faith by trusting God's leading to allow a complete stranger to come live in her home with her. When I arrived in July we instantly bonded. The natural brother / sister style relationship was planned by God. I was blessed with many new friends, clients and connections while in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area this summer. Many doors have been opened and my goal is to return to south Florida in January 2012 for the winter months. "Blind Faith" are the words that I think of when I hear and read this testimony by Pam. "Walk by Faith! Not by Sight!" Not easy to do, but when we listen to God and the spirit's leading... The results can be amazing! 

"God is good. No human power could have orchestrated the concert about to unfold which began a life long brother/sisterhood with me and Dave Neal Adams. There are no coincidences in life...only God incidences. Here is my story.

In March 2011, my sister and brother-in-law had dinner with a high school friend and two other men. One of them was Dave.  He was rather quiet and distracted during dinner as Dave did not know my sister or brother-in-law. After dinner, Dave asked to speak with my sister privately to which she happily agreed. They moved to the side of the parking lot outside the restaurant at which time he told her that "a woman" had been standing behind my sister the entire dinner. Dave described that on occasion the woman would put her hands on my sister's shoulders and would lean over ... look at my sister and then back at Dave. It was obvious this lady had a message to convey.  Dave proceeded to describe this woman to my sister. She thought she knew who he was describing but could not fully make the connection. Dave was a bit embarrassed as he had never met my sister before so did not want to appear crazy. To the contrary, my sister only wished he would have told her during dinner! My sister is quite open to gifts of the spirit.

 They finished the conversation and Dave returned to the front passenger side of the car in which he was riding. Everyone else continued to converse at the rear of the vehicle.  All of a sudden Dave jumped out of the car and stared at my sister and said emphatically, "Marjorie! Majorie! Marjorie!". My sister then understood. You see, ...We had a very beloved Aunt Marge (my father's sister) who had passed away.

My sister then called me all excited and told me of their interaction. The three men were coming to Ft. Lauderdale for a few nights and asked if I knew what hotels in the area took dogs as they had their beloved canine  with them. I immediately said, "Absolutely, tell them they are staying with me!" ( I never met any one them!) So a few days later,  three  men and a dog pulled up in my driveway and stayed at my home. We had the  most wonderful visit and I instantly connected with all three of them and of course, the dog.  I had a great time.

During their stay Dave shared his goals and desires to eventually relocate to the south Florida area to pursue and expand on his career as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Consultant. After prayer and consideration I invited Dave to return to my home during the summer. Not knowing Dave, this was a big leap of faith for me and I am sure for Dave as well. In July 2011 he came back and stayed with me for a month during which time he ministered to me as a person as well as an advisor. Dave gave to me a "God window" that probably saved my life. He told me he saw an oxygen mask on my face in my sixties (I am currently 57 years old). I have been smoking cigarettes for 27 years. As always, the choices we make in our life are ours and our alone but I was given a gift of insight by Dave to which I paid heed. He provided the "God Window" and I jumped through it. I have been truly blessed beyond words to have Dave in my life and will be a lifelong friend and brother in Christ."

Pam Shorey [pks1546@yahoo.com]
(September 2011 Summer Testimonial)

"Aunt Helen" 

"The very first time i met Dave he was in Hamilton for a friends spiritual gathering. Talked with Dave and he mentioned seeing an older lady standing behind my left shoulder, he told me what she looked like i realized he was speaking about my Aunt Helen. I was really close to her growing up, taught me a lot about cooking and farming.

Shortly after that meeting, I booked a party with Dave and between last time and next I came across my Aunt's Obituary Now keep in mind i already had my party booked with Dave for May 22, 2011. The date on the back of my Aunt's obit was May 22, 1978. Was totally freaked out because i hadn't seen my aunts Obit in probably 15 or more years. Showed that to Dave when he came to the house and it was a great day. Staying positive and its working and changed my massage rooms for a more positive flow and gaining more business every day and owe it all to Dave. Looking forward to our next meeting!!"

Love and Light to All!!!!

Mary Heet MHeet@fuse.net
Massage and Pain Relief

Sweet Spirit! - "Terri"

As most people new to the world of physic phenomenon I had doubts as to its validity.  Upon the purchase of my first home my partner and I were introduced to our new housemate--in unusual ways. Doors would open and close on their own, toys would disappear from our 3rd floor and end up on the 1st floor. When we tried to ignore these odd happenings they only appeared more frequently, progressing to dishes falling from shelves and my being tripped each morning at the same spot on the stairs. After getting to know our neighbor we discovered that they too had similar oddities when they had purchased their home.  Their children had often played with an imaginary friend they called "Terri".  Skeptics as well they decided to  research the homes history and discovered that a small child named Terri had passed away in their 3rd floor attic many years ago.  Now having confirmation we found that if we acknowledged Terri by speaking her name and leaving toys out for her enjoyment she was much less likely to play tricks with us. In fact she loved our dog so much that we could never take her photo without the distinct ghosty figure standing beside her. Since our homes were a mere 8 feet apart it appeared Terri liked to travel!
     Years later my partner moved and I needed to find a housemate to share expenses.  This is how I met Dave Adams, who was in search of a house to rent.   Not wanting to scare away a potential renter I shared none of Terri's existence.  Dave moved in, his bedroom on the 3rd floor, and things seemed to be going well.  After a few weeks Terri welcomed Dave as well.  Over dinner one evening Dave shared that some strange things were happening and he could see the presence of a small girl, who liked to play tricks on people and enjoyed playing with my dog. His ability to actually see this presence was validation that indeed these events were real.  Now that I knew he had no fear of this phenomenon I eagerly shared the story of Terri.  Dave's ability to see this little girl is a wonderful gift he is able to share with us all. Having experienced this personally I feel by sharing my story others will not fear these things but learn to embrace and cherish their existence.  Dave, now a dear friend, is blessed with the ability to see, and share his gifts with us all. I have learned through Dave to feel blessed when these spirits choose to share their presence with us.

I have known David for about 15 years now but it was only in the past two years that I have been made aware of his unique spiritual gifts.   We share the same faith in God and attend church together.  David has shared with me about deceased loved ones that has been especially helpful to me.   He told me with tears about my three lost children that we lost due to tubal pregnancy.    He said that they were beautiful children and that I would one day see them again.    Once about a year after my dads death, I visited his grave and David communicated with me a message from my father at a very timely time when I really needed to hear it.    Although I have to admit that initially I was kind of taken back by his insight,  the message was comforting and healing.    David also shared with me recently about an angel of Protection and Mercy at the recent death of my brother.     He has also given me insight about my adoptive children and their parents.    All of this information has been helpful to me, coupled with my own faith in God.    I know that God gives certain gifts to His children and I believe that Davids gifts are of our Lord and that he has been chosen to help others with his gift.


My friend introduced me to Dave and later shared with me that he is a Spiritual Advisor and does private sessions. She also mentioned that he does sessions and would come to my home. We
decided to host a Spirit Connexion gathering in my home. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the whole thought of exploring the pyschic world was intriqueing to me. So we asked some friends over for
an evening of refreshment and to learn more about
the mystery of the unknown world around us.
When Dave Neal Adams arrived he toured my home and settled in a small bedroom to use for his sessions. Dave and I had time to chat before the girls arrived; he told me as he pulled into my driveway he could see the energy of the previous owner surrounding the house which explained why I have always felt so safe here. By then my 8 guests had arrived and Dave started the personal sessions.
We had our refreshments while Dave gave a sessions. Each ladies reaction to her session was fantastic. Dave had never met any of them but the accuracy was amazing. The most touching was a woman who had recently lost her 16 year old grandson. She was sobbing when she came out but they were tears of relief because of what Dave had told her. Neither Dave or I had met her before, she was a friend of a friend! But she left with a much lighter heart. My session came last, Dave had asked each lady about a small dog but none of them new of one. When he told me a small dog with a furry face had been pestering all evening, trying to hop into each ladies lap I burst into tears. He was seeing my Yorkie that had lived here for years.

After the sessions  Dave shared with us some of his own experiences.
Our Spirit Connexions evening was wonderful. I believe Dave helped each of us and I do believe he has a gift from God.
K.M. Email: KMartin@fuse.net

The Woman in White

During the past 16 years of living our home, which was built in 1904, numerous friends (especially house-sitters) and family members have witnessed various unusual sightings, sounds and/or smells in specific locations throughout the house.  The primary experiences people described have focused around one (or both) of two human apparitions: a woman (who often was seen wearing a white gown and walking either in the 2nd-floor hall or on the 3rd floor) and a man (usually seen shaving in the 2nd-floor bathroom).  Friends were often hesitant about telling me what they saw, especially if they'd never seen or experienced anything like it.  Over time, though, the stories were nearly identical from more than a dozen people--and the narratives were related to me from each person without prior knowledge that anyone else had seen or experienced something very similar.  The independent, analogous accounts gave enormous validity to the presense of these two resident ghosts; I actually regretted that I'd never seen either of them, despite having lived here so long.

When David Neal was here for dinner one night, we were talking together in the dining room.  In our conversation, I noticed that he occasionally would look over my shoulder and into the kitchen behind me.  David, as it turns out, was distracted by the presence in the kitchen of the ghostly "woman in white" that had for many years  been seen in the house.  David not only, without prior knowledge, described her presence, but also gave extremely helpful information regarding the period of her residency when living--based largely on the clothing she was wearing.  He also identified the approximate time-period of the "shaving man's" origin (which was several decades later than the "woman in white")--again, based on his clothing.  It was interesting to know that these two individuals came from distinct periods of history.

A half-block from our house is an old church designed by the prominent regional architect Samuel Hannaford.  David Neal, on that same night, identified a mysterious hidden brick wall in the church's basement which apparently had for decades been plastered over.  Several days later, a long-time resident of the neighborhood confirmed the presence of the wall that David had described; the neighbor had, as a boy, actually been part of a youth work crew assigned to cover the brick wall.

True Heart!
I have known Dave Adams for many years now and have come to respect and trust his counsel and his spiritual insight.  On a professional level, he guided and encouraged me in my career and provided valuable advice that allowed me to be successful as an administrator.  His knack for seeing straight through to the heart of an issue was extremely helpful to me in my position and allowed me to be more affective as a leader.  It was obvious to me that Dave had a unique gift of insight and was able to understand people very well.  Over time, I came to realize that this ability was actually pretty extraordinary and was without a doubt a gift from God.  Dave's pureness of heart and desire to help others couples well with his outstanding gifts and makes him an excellent spiritual advisor; one who has no agenda except to help and comfort others. 

On a personal level, Dave was able to give me messages from a dear friend who had died unexpectedly.   I had a tremendous void in my life and in my heart as a result of my friend's passing.  Dave gave me very specific information about my friend and relayed comforting messages from him that facilitated in the healing of my grief.  The pain and loss I was experiencing was soothed when I learned that my friend still existed and still cared for me even though he was no longer in this three dimensional world.  This was such a blessing in my life.
Dave was also able to verify a past-life memory for me. I have known the specifics of my most recent past life for some time now. I know some of the people who shared that life with me and I know how I died in that life. I don't often share that information with people so you can understand my surprise when Dave gave me details about that past life that were identical to my memories. This kind of insight is unusual for most of us, but for Dave, its as natural as breathing.  He is truly a gifted advisor and counselor and it is a pleasure to know him and call him a friend.

The Mystery of My Bathroom Door

My first meeting with Dave was December 3, 2010.  At my daughters urging I had gone to see him for a spiritual reading. I had spent a lifetime being wary of this type of situation but in the first few minutes Dave put me at ease by explaining that his spiritual talents come completely from God and that God is the reason he is able to see, hear and explain all the he does.

Dave nailed my personality so quickly it made me sit back in my chair.  He was able to define certain aspects of my life and situations that were occurring and that I should listen to my gut and let God work with me.  I felt so much better after that first meeting, it was as if a large burden had been lifted from my entire self.

Shortly after that first meeting I noticed a strange occurrence at my home.  My husband and I have lived in this home for nearly 12 years and nothing of this nature has ever happened before. This is what made me sit up and take notice of the situation. On infrequent occasions with no pattern of occurrence we would find that our upstairs bathroom door had silently and mysteriously closed on its own.  It didnt happen every day, maybe one. two or three times a day.  We would come home to find it shut or we would be downstairs and go upstairs and there it was silently closed with no explanation.  Days would go by and this action did not occur.  I began to get curious.  One day, while I was on the other side of the bathroom brushing my teeth I watched the door just slowly, peacefully close before my eyes.  At first, I was afraid and after a fitful nights sleep, I went into the bathroom and welcomed this spirit into my home.  It figured it had to be a gentle spirit due to the way in which I witnessed the door closing.  I assumed a violent entity would have slammed the door with anger. This never happened.

My husband looked for a scientific explanation until one morning I heard him call from the bathroom, the door is closing, come up here.  I found him across the room with his razor in his hand behind the closed bathroom door.  I went to the basement, retrieved a level and put it on the top of the door.  The door is perfectly level, no problems there.

My next meeting with Dave was January 7, 2011.  I began to relay my story slowly when suddenly he stopped me and informed that this was a female who had attached herself to me and gone home with me for some reason. This women had been ill, had passed in a facility where there were many ill people. That she was somewhat mixed up or had some confusion going on mentally.  I will tell you right now that I am a registered nurse and I have worked in geriatric facility for 10 years.  He let me know that she is very comfortable where she is right now but she isnt sure where she is.  He told me not to be surprised if things move around or get misplaced that we would find them or they would turn up. This news was exciting and somewhat oh my goodness what do I do  at the same time.  I went home and shared this with my husband and when I told him that things may move around or get misplaced he suddenly put his head in his hands and lowered it between his knees.  When he came back up for air he looked at me and said,  I didnt want to say anything but the cough syrup on the window sill has moved four more times across the window sill".  You see he had been nursing a cold and had kept the cough syrup on the left side of the window sill. He kept finding it moved to the right of the window sill. He has not mentioned looking for a scientific explanation again.
Daves ability to see into someones personality and use Gods influence and power to help each person see their better self is unbelievable.  I have hope now that really has been within me but not drawn upon for such a long time.  His advice to listen to and follow my gut has been some of the best advice I have ever received and I hang onto that daily.  As for the woman in my bathroom.. I draw comfort every time I come upstairs and see that bathroom door closed.

Becky Bullio

Explore the Spirit

"I am new to this world of supernatural/sixth sense phenomenon. I have always had faith
in a supreme heavenly Father, and he is my friend. I am beginning to realize he is called by many names, and he works in many different ways. Not so different from the old testament times.
I am a gut level, heart felt type of person so I travel this path
with much care and precaution. David Neal Adams is a great tool in
which God is using. He is not boastful, he is not looking for
self gratification, he is following, I feel confident, Gods will
in his life.
I have experienced one on one sessions with David and had the
privilege to attend "Explore the Spirit" presentation last fall
with friends. I have always come away feeling further educated
and enlightened and above all spiritually blessed.
Thanks you David for your brave heart and your love for people. "
Warm Regards,
Carolyn Boatman
Artist/ Owner/Innkeeper
The Country Lodge at Sabbath Song Farm


We Did Recognize her!

"I met Dave Neal Adams when I moved into an older building in Bellevue, Kentucky. My now husband and I were remodeling and became Daves neighbor. As I was getting to know Dave, he came up to see what wed done with the apartment on the second floor. He told me that he saw an energy of a woman of prostitution being assaulted in a front part of our bedroom in an area that is now a closet. He described the room as it once was. This was the first Id learned of Daves gift. The Bellevue, KY Police Chief later told my husband and I that our home was once the center of a very rough section of town. He told us it was known for violence, prostitution, and drugs.
In other times Dave has been in our art gallery and studio on the 1st floor, he has seen an older lady roaming the staircase. He describes her as traveling up and down the stairs between the first floor and our apartment. She is living in her own times, carrying about her business in her world. Even before learning of her presence we have heard noises and sounds at times. We tried to chalk it up to an old home. One night however, my husband and I were getting ready for bed. He turned the lights off above the winding staircase and locked the apartment door. You know our door is locked for sure, as it is a revolving deadbolt and makes a loud clack when it locks in place. Tyler and I were sound asleep when something woke us; I got up to see what our two cats had gotten into. I discovered the deadbolt unlocked and the door wide open. This was the first we had observed her in our world. We contacted Dave first thing that day and he simply told us that yes, it was her and she was just living and existing in her world. The older lady was not angry or unfriendly, but we did recognize her. Several other times I have heard or felt something in our bathroom. We have several original pieces and fixtures in our building so I feel she stays around those. In the bathroom we have the original wrought iron tub, and the hallway with the wide wooden staircase where she frequents. Perhaps this is where she feels most comfortable. I am glad to have met Dave to inform us of her.
My family and friends were very interested to come to our home for Daves Explore the Spirit gathering. Dave is a great speaker, he told us so much about the homes history, what he saw and felt. He also discussed the older lady on the stairs and the energy of the woman in our front bedroom, their presence and their former lives. We toured the house and Dave answered all our questions. It was truly a memorable day."
Emily Hildebrand

She Was Still In This Space

Hello everyone! Remember me? I am the lady with the mysterious bathroom door which kept closing on its own. 
Well I had a spiritual gathering at my home in Hamilton, Ohio on March 26, 2011 and it was quite a spiritually successful event thanks to Dave and his gifts of insight and special knowledge which he receives from God.
I had a full house of guests who had each come to have individual meetings with Dave.  They had been anticipating this event for several weeks and were so very excited when the day finally came.  None were disappointed.
I had my very own personal adventure when Dave entered my house to prepare for the gathering.  I took him up to the master bathroom where my mysterious lady had been closing the door because she had not been active for a couple of weeks.  I was afraid she had decided to leave.  You see,  I had become rather use to her being there and was sad that perhaps she had left.  Dave assured me she was still in this space, that she was just dormant for some reason.  Oddly, during the day of the gathering, she decided to close the door one time more.  Since the gathering, she has, once again, been dormant and has only closed the door a few times.  This lets me know that she is still with us but maybe has grown use to us as well.  This is my guess and I continue to let her know  that she is still welcome.
The room that we used for the gathering has several old family pictures in it. One particular picture was that of my maternal great grandparents.  Dave noticed it right away and asked if I would mind removing it during his time in the room as they were Questioning why he was there.  He said that, Something was going on when that picture was taken. I didnt mind at all, as a matter of fact, it didnt surprise me as the photo is a rather spooky looking turn of the century pose where the couple is looking straight forward, unsmiling and a most unpleasant look on both of their faces.  I am sure you can all see it in your minds eye.  Everyone has most likely seen an old picture exactly like that at one point in time.  Also in that room is a late 1800s travel  trunk which also belonged to that same great grandfather. When the day was done Dave informed me that he had used his coat to cover  the trunk and he had to sort of push the table a little closer to the trunk to let my great grandfather know that he (Dave) was going to be using that space for the time.  I asked Dave if I should bring the picture back into the room.  He told me that the picture was part of me and part of who I was and that it would be up to me but that they would be watching me.  This does not surprise me having heard the family history on my maternal side over these many years.  The photo rests peacefully in a drawer downstairs.  This trunk is now in the basement by the bookcase.
Everyone who had a meeting with Dave at the gathering (there were nine plus myself) were all so thrilled with his accuracy.  One of the girls received a phone call a couple of hours after her meeting, while she was still at my house which confirmed what Dave assured her was going to occur.
A woman whom I had not seen for many years but came with another friend, was so pleased and so happy with her meeting.  She feels so blessed that God put Dave in contact with her.  Dave brings Gods blessings to others in so many ways.
One of my friends feels that Dave has helped her see where she needs to makes necessary changes and she has started doing that.  Her comment when she came down the steps Hes right on, man he is awesome.
My daughter was there.  She has actually had several meetings with Dave.  Without his spiritual support she would have had some difficulty making it through these last few months since December.  His words gave her hope.  I actually marked my calendar to see if some of his timelines were accurate and let me tell you  YES THEY ARE! ( you know how mothers can be)
My friends, these many weeks later, are still talking about the accuracy of Daves words, remarks, and timelines.  Above all they feel that his faith and giving credit to God is what makes him strong and a power to be listened to.  Everyone who attended the gathering left with the knowledge that they had obtained some information, experienced something out of the ordinary that they had never experienced before, and that Dave had made them each a stronger person. 
By the way, as a footnote:  my father died 45 years ago .  It broke my heart which has never really healed.  Dave was able to see him in that room that day along with two other individuals (another man and a woman).. he told me that daddy was at peace and doing well and that he was with me.  I loved hearing that and I thank Dave for letting me know that.
Peace and Gods love to all of you!                                                            

 Becky Bullio

The Only Thing That Stopped me

"Over the years I had often thought about speaking with someone who had the gift of seeing beyond our small world here on earth. The only thing that stopped me was not knowing if that person was of God. David is the first person Ive met that I am certain has this gift, that he uses, through his love of God. From our first session his grace and words put me at ease. Many of the things hes shared with me Ive put into action during my daily life and am a better person for it. I have continued to stay in contact with David through one on one sessions and recently enjoyed a group gathering called Explore the Spirit. People, from all different walks of life, came together and were led, by David, to discuss and share our stories and feelings on spirituality. Each and every experience I share with David brings me closer to God."

Testimonial - April 2011
Danielle Nicole Wolke Winkler
Dave, I would like to thank you for a spot on session. About a 2 months ago you gave me a reading; which contained some emotional facts about my grandfather who had passed on (which did my heart good) you also told me about a woman I worked with who was watching me and would make me take a position without asking me, you also told me ...that I needed to set my differences aside and try to fix my relationships with my sister and my mother because someone in my family would become sick and our family would need to come together... WELL you were right on... Last week I was transferred to another building at work... and in that same week our family found out that my grandfathers sister has cancer... I wanted to take the time to thank you...
I can't wait until my next session!!! THANK you for sharing your GIFT!!!
Danielle Hamilton, OHio

Testimonial - June 2011
Who’s that Lady?
"I first heard about Dave Neal Adams from dear and old friends.
They talked about his incredible and deep spiritual values and
his God given gifts. I found all this to be true and valuable.
Back in early February 2011 my friends and Dave made an unexpected visit to my 200 + year old brick home in Historic Burlington, Kentucky of which I totally renovated in 1992.
Let me recall my experience with meeting Dave that afternoon -

(1) As Dave entered my home he was energetic about his vision of a woman in old “garb” clothes from long ago entering the property in a weathered horse drawn wagon heading up to the house. Dave went into great detail with the description of her clothing. He kept trying to interpret her name. He said it was an old fashion name that started with the letter C. But he was unable to conclude her name.
(2) We then proceeded to the front entrance (foyer) of the house. Dave exclaimed “this is all wrong!” He then described in full detail his vision of how it was. I mentioned my renovations and changes to the door, walls and stairs to the second floor. His vision was exactly perfect! He had it right all the way thru the house. It was intriguing and amazing to watch and listen as he made his way thru the house. There is NO WAY he could have known about the stair changes. He said “No! No! the stairs go here and straight up. I had made serious interior changes adding electric, plumbing and heating to update this house while retaining the original charm and bones including the 5 fireplaces.
(3) When Dave came up to the second floor he noticed all the changes again. But when entering the Master Bedroom, one of my friends asked about possible bad spirits or energys. I have always known that this house is blessed and Dave replied “Yes”, there were bad energys but with the renovations you’ve “cleansed” this house. The only spirit here is that Lady and she likes you and what you have done to the house. She really really likes you!
(4) Dave spent another hour or so talking as friends. He has the most natural and authentic attitude about the gifts he has. He knows that he is blessed and feels good about sharing his gifts. I sincerely recommend the experience that Dave has to offer."
Love and Sincere Peace,
Heidi Huff


(November 2011 Testimonial)

"I have never been a believer of horoscopes, fortune tellers, tarot
card readers, or what happens when Jupiter aligns with Mars; however I
DO believe in God. I wanted to say that for the record to whomever it
matters to. That being said, I met Dave through a friend of mine and
became interested in his line of work because of his sincerity and
genuine passion for what he does.

I honestly did not quite understand
the whole concept of what a spiritual advisor does, even after
chatting with him often about it. So I became interested in hearing
what he had to say and thought I would give a session a try. I did not
go into it blindly in the sense that over a few months I had gotten to
know him on a more personal level as a friend. It was mainly through
little get togethers that we would have a chance to talk. I am making
reference to this because when my session was over, I knew that what
happened in it was not a result of prior conversations we had.

The session totally astounded me. I cannot believe what he was able to
bring out in me what I have been suppressing for years. I am still
taken back at what he could "see" in the depths of my soul. No one has
ever been as honest with me in what I have been trying to mask for
years. At first I was a little hurt by his perception; however I
addressed these with him and after he gave me a clarification of his
reading, I understood a lot better. For privacy purposes, I do not
feel the need to divulge the exact content of our discussion. However,
the conclusion he drew from my personal experience ,he could not have
known had it not been for the gift he has.

As our session ended, he casually mentioned my son Shaun. The only information he had about
him, was that he knew Shaun moved to California recently to pursue a
job. He told me he saw/felt a number 2. He was not sure exactly why
but he had a strong feeling for that number..."maybe a job or
something, he was not real sure, but it could mean something." He
mentioned that it could be a strong possibility that there would be 2
job offers with the second one being the one.

My jaw dropped to the floor, as just the day before Shaun called and he had gotten an
interview with 2 different design firms. It then turned into 2
interviews with each one. Shaun was more interested in the second firm
that pursued him. Lo and behold he got the job from the 2nd company
that he wanted. Being the sceptic that he is, I decided not to say
anything until the offer was taken. I then told him the whole story
about the session with Dave. In his own words Shaun said.."Mom, the
hair is standing up on my arms. Do you know that my favorite number is
2 and my jersey number on every sports uniform since childhood was 2."

WOW is all I can say. I am still not a believer in the aforementioned
"trades", but I am a believer in Dave and the gift that God gave him.
I had to see it to believe it. I look forward to continuing another
session with him someday. I would love to learn more about myself and
I truly think he is a great one to teach me. God bless him! Laurie

Laurie O'Brien