Sunday, September 9, 2012

SPIRITUAL HEALTH! - "Pushing Through the Rough Times!"

Pushing through the rough times! There are points in our life where we just have to push our way right on through.... It may not be easy and not that exciting, but we must keep moving forward... Many times these so called rough periods in our life are growth spurts... Yes, I know some of you may be telling yourself I don't want to grow anymore..Ha!... but unfortunately sometimes God has more in store for us... We need to learn to trust in the spirit and allow the energy of the creator to guide us when we are finding our way out of the darkness.... If we believe and seek out the good in life, we will eventually find it with God's grace... Many of life's experiences happen for a reason... Not always pleasant and not always bad, but there is a reason... Those reasons are not always revealed in our time... And that can be frustrating. The main focus is to try and understand that God has a plan and direction for what happens in our life. Many times it is to help someone else on their spiritual walk on this earth... We are all connected to God and the Spirit.... It is our choice to stop in the darkness or to follow the light.... Pushing Through the Rough Times!.... It is not always easy, but the journey will be well worth it! =)

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