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SPIRITUAL HEALTH - "Taking Risks in Life"

Greetings!  There are moments in life when we have to step out of our comfort zone.  This may mean we might have to travel into the unknown zone of "Risk Taking"...  It is frightening for many of us while on our spiritual walk to take chances... but the fact of the matter is that sometimes we must take a new path in order to achieve our goals.  Trust God's leading and don't be afraid.... Many times Risks are worth taking!

Taking Risks in Life
Alan Crookham, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Feb 3, 2007

"There are many different kinds of people in the world. There are the risk-taking adventure seekers who will do anything for a rush. Then there are the more timid of the human race that prefer to feel safe. Neither one of them are wrong. It's perfectly fine to want to feel safe and it's just the same to love adventure. However I would like to talk a little bit about taking risks in this article. So let's go!

I believe that it is good to be cautious in life; however I think that taking risks are a good thing as well. So many times come in our lives when we must make difficult decisions. It could be anything from whether or not we should marry our girlfriend to what size TV to buy. We have to use our brain when making those choices; however some things require that we take a leap of faith.

For example, my wife and I decided one day to go and visit my family in the U.S. However she is Panamanian, not a U.S. citizen. So making that choice is not as simple as it sounds. We had also just found out that she was pregnant. So because of the pregnancy we knew that visiting family would have to be now. If it wasn't now it would have to wait a couple of years at least. So we decided to take a risk. My wife and I live about eight hours from the U.S. embassy where we had to apply for a visa for her to enter the States. So we sold a few things to have some money to make the trip to Panama City and stay while we waited for the visa. We arrived and stayed with some friends who told us that there would be no way we would get the visa. That was for several different reasons. First of all the visa regulations are insane right now. Second, we had only been married for a couple of months and the United States is a lot stricter on newlyweds than on couples with more time under their belts. We decided to do it anyway.

In the spirit of risk-taking my wife and I went ahead and bought our plane tickets before we even had the visa! That was our choice, I wouldn't suggest it! We went and applied for the visa and they told us afterward we would have to come back a few days later for the reply. So we waited.

When the time was finally at hand we went and they called my wife into the immigration office. Oddly I was barred from entering with her. So I waited outside and I prayed the whole time that she would get the visa. We had taken so many risks, we sold a lot of our things for the money, and we spent a lot of it on the plane tickets and staying in Panama City. Finally she came out and I really couldn't tell what had happened from her face. When finally she said, "They gave me three months!" I'll tell you that was an awesome feeling. It had all paid off and the next day we flew to the States where we stayed for the full term of the visa.

So what is the moral of the story? If you never take any risks in life you will never have any interesting stories to tell! So be willing to take a few leaps of faith. Life is short so take it by the reigns and make something interesting come out of it. Where we fail we learn, and when we succeed we are encouraged to continue. Let's all strive for encouragement and take a risk!"

Published by Alan Crookham

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