Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SPIRITUAL HEALTH! - "How to Keep a Positive Attitude!"

How to Keep a Positive Attitude
Don't Fall Victim to a Bad Day

Crystal Ray

"Have you ever noticed that when the day starts out bad it seems to go downhill from there? It isn't easy to keep a positive attitude. One bad experience during the day somehow snowballs and the whole day turns into
a disaster. Days like these make a person feel like they shouldn't have bothered to get out of bed. This phenomena happens to everybody, and it's how you choose to react that will ultimately determine the outcome of the rest of your day.

Don't feed negativity by responding with more of the same. When problems arise, make a conscious effort to keep a positive attitude, and look for solutions rather than allowing anger or sadness to consume you. Negativity produces negativity, and if you expect the rest of your day to go astray, it most certainly will. Stop the cycle of negativity, and take charge of the situation before it takes control and ruins what's left. The power of a positive attitude is stronger than you ever imagined.

Take Charge

If something has occurred to put a damper on your day, don't wallow in despair, and don't waste your time ranting and raving about the circumstances. If it's a situation you can correct, or at least begin to work on, by all means do so. Try to keep a positive attitude, and attempt to solve the problem before it snowballs. Make any necessary phone calls, talk to those involved face to face, or sit down and put it in writing. The sooner you try to rectify the situation, the sooner you'll begin to find a solution to the problem. Making an honest effort to turn it around will at least assuage some of the stress, and doing something in an attempt to solve the problem will help you keep a positive attitude.

Remove Yourself From the Situation

If the situation is something you have absolutely no control over, a negative response certainly won't turn it around, let alone help you keep a positive attitude. If it's out of your hands and there's
nothing you can do to remedy the problem, don't make it worse by responding with anger or destructive behavior. You'll be able to think more clearly after a little time has passed, and you are more likely to keep a positive attitude.

Take a brisk walk to let off steam, or do something else to take your mind off of whatever it is that's attempting to dominate your day. You'll feel much better as a result, and you'll have time to formulate a constructive plan. Remain completely in control, and the situation will be less likely to get out of control.

Don't Become a Victim

Believe it or not, you're not the only one who has days where everything seems to go wrong. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, many people fall into the pusillanimous role of a victim instead of trying to solve the problem in a positive way. They blame their troubles on everyone around them, and they don't take responsibility. They don't even attempt to keep a positive attitude when the day goes astray. Until they begin to take responsibility for problems that are a direct result of their actions, or sometimes their inactions, it's impossible to stop the downward spiral.

If a mistake you've made is the reason behind the problems you're experiencing, accept the fact that you're not infallible. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is blameless. If you continue to place blame where it doesn't belong, you'll continue to make the same mistakes, and you certainly won't keep a positive attitude. Look into the reasons behind your bad experiences as soon as they occur, and you'll save yourself and others from needless suffering.

End Your Day in a Positive Way

When you look back on the events of a day that went unexpectedly astray, stop to reflect upon the overall circumstances. There's something to learn from every difficult experience, and it's how you choose to cope with difficulty and how you choose to view the overall situation that determines the final outcome. No matter what happens, you can turn it around, and you can keep a positive attitude if you make a genuine effort. Those who look for something positive in the midst of difficult times will go much further than those who don't even try to find the ever-present light at the end of the tunnel. "

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