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SPIRITUAL HEALTH! "Guilt Will Eat You Alive! =0"

Guilt Will Eat You Alive

Admit when You Have Made a Mistake and Get Rid of Your Guilt

"Guilt is something that every human being faces in the world in which we live in. Guilt has been around since the beginning of time and its something that most of us feel from one time or another in our lives. Guilt has an age on it. The older you get, the more guilt that your heart contains. It will literally eat you alive if you are not careful.

The Holy Bible clearly states that we are to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters for hurting us. We are to let go of the past and not think about all of the wrongs that we have done. Chrsitians believe that when a sin is confessed to Jesus Christ, they are forgiven for that action. A sin can be as simple swear word out of your mouth or an actual hate crime such as murder. No matter what the crime, we all learn that our actions make us think about what we have done time and time again.

It does not matter what religion you come from, guilt will eat at your heart every day. Guilt is something that causes us to change our behavior. We all know what its like to feel guilt because it is a hurtful feeling. We often do not realize that guilt will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we have to talk to others about what we have done to relieve ourselves. Some people hold onto their guilt for years and never let it loose.

I have met many silent men and women in my life that held everything inside and then in just one day it all came out. It either came out through tears, yelling and even violence. The fact here is that everyone has to let the guilt out of their heart. If you do not let it out of your heart, then you may result to hurting yourself because it will literally eat you alive.

Guilt is something that we all carry around. It is something that we look at every day in the mirror. We are guilty of crimes agains God and humanity. It may not be a physical crime in which you can get arrested for, but it may be something as simple as cursing somene out or lying to your boss. It can be anything that violates your own inner morality.

It does not matter what religious background you come from, the truth of the matter is that you will feel guilty about anything that you feel you did that violates your own inner morality. We all come from backgrounds in which we are taught what is right and what is wrong.

We must remember that the past is the past and it cannot be changed. Guilt only wants to destroy you. I believe that guilt is a living thing. It may be a spirit or an angelic encounter reminding us to never do this again. When we wrong another human being, we are causing hurt to someone. Even if it is done unintentionally, it will both us. The best way to understand guilt is to first say to yourself that you may have known that what you were going to do was wrong, but you did it anyway. You must first admit to yourself that you committed a wrong act. Then you must decide on what is the best way to handle this guilt. Should you apologize to someone or should you just let it go? If you feel guilty about something, it usually means that you have "unfinished business" and that you should seek to find out why you are still feeling guilty. Your guilt will eat at you until you find out what you must do to get rid of the hurt. All human beings have guilt and we must confess our sins to God if we are ever going to feel free from our guilt. Some guilt is harder to get rid of then others and we must decide on whether or not its a good thing to let go or a bad thing. Sometimes it is good to hold onto our guilt because it reminds us to never do it again. It gives us a conscious.

What would we do if we never felt bad about anything? We would be just like animals then. We would walk through life just dooing as we please and not feeling guilty about what we have done. We have the option of making a conscious decision at the time of our actions. An animal acts on instinct and people act out on thought. We should always ask ourselves what we are doing so that we can fully understand our actions more.

Life is a learning experience and we must learn to discipline our own behavior. God is the one that gives us the strenghth to discipline ourselves and we must always discipline our hearts if we are to truly accept God completely. It is important for us not to make the same mistakes twice and we should always be aware that God is the one who loves us and forgives us.

I suggest that if you are trying to get rid of your guilt, then you must first confess your sin to God and then to another fellow human being that you can trust. This will allow you to relieve your conscious of any wrong doing. The guilt will stay within you for years and its important to talk about it when the issue comes up. The only way to get rid of guilt completely is to talk about it over and over again until you have exhausted its every last potential of taking hold of you. Guilt is powerful, but you can diminish it by taking the right actions to fight against it."

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