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SPIRITUAL HEALTH! "Emotional and Verbal Bullying"

Hello! We have all seen it or experienced it... Bullying!  This type of behavior can damage your spirit to the core.  It is important for us to not allow this type of action to be acceptable.  Children as well as Adults can take on the role as Bully or the Bullied!  We have to stop!  The time is long past due to take a stand against emotional and verbal abuse... The following is an article by Kimberly Cook about the effects of this type of abuse....  The next time you see or are involved in any type of cruel behavior... ask God to guide you in the right direction... Trust your spirit and let your intuition lead the way!

Emotional and Verbal Bullying

Don't Allow for Bullies to Tear Your Sanity Apart

Kimberly Cook, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Nov 9, 2010

"Have you often felt like others were out to make your day as horrible and unpleasant as possible? Have you ever dreaded being around particular people because of their rude behavior towards other beings? Do you sometimes wish that any situation involving that person could be avoided at all costs?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions then you may be experiencing a form of emotional and verbal bullying. You may feel like you are the one to blame for the outcome of the situations and it always seems that others are always trying to defend the bully for their behaviors. You are in no way the person who has committed the crime. Being misunderstood and made a mockery is the reverse psychology that many bullies impose on their victims.

So what are some examples of emotional bullying? According to, emotional bullying is when someone tries to gain control by making others feel angry or afraid. The victim feels ashamed and embarrassed that they had to engage in such a ridiculous affair.

Often the victim is off minding their own business when the bully comes out of nowhere with negative statements about anything. The victim may try to remain positive and have a positive outlook on life no matter what may come their way, but is easily discouraged when the bully is present.

So what is verbal bullying? Verbal bullying would consist of a person always taunting another individual with shrewd comments, silent treatment when they know they have done something wrong to another, cursing and yelling, trying to blame you for their problems, and lying and gossiping to other people about the victim to gain emotional support so they won't feel bad for their actions.

The truth of the matter is that bullying individual is hurting inside. They have had a hard upbringing that has led them to a life of retaliation at whoever is in their path. Everyone says "not to take the actions of the bully to heart", but this is easier said than done. If you just sit back and evaluate the behaviors of a bully you will discover that the bully treats everyone with blatant disrespect, rudeness, and the bully is not even aware of such behavior.

The best solution to the matter is to take a look into your own life and find a way to think positive even when the worst people may enter your life. At the end of the day, it's really not you that the bully hates. The bullies truly hates themselves and want to find a way to make a person they see as "happy" feel the daily misery that they feel on a daily basis."

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