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SPIRITUAL HEALTH - "Stop Gossip Before it Starts! =0"

Hello Again! G O S S I P! 
 We all have been involved in mischievous chatter at one time or another....  It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and let our guard down... I have even met a few
"church ladies" who felt that a little Innocent gossip would never hurt anyone. They called it "sharing" =) ha! Yes! It is easy to do and sometimes quite entertaining.... Until the tables are turned... When the story's subject matter involves you as the main focal point... then it no longer becomes humorous... Talking behind someone else's back  can lead to hurt and a broken spirit!  So the next time you find yourself ready to serve up a juicy bit of information.... THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!...  What if the shoe where on the other foot?....  And you were the main dish being served? Trust your instinct and let God do the talking for you!

Stop Gossip Before it Starts

Darlene Zagata, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Dec 2, 2006

Gossip is the fuel that lights many fires. It destroys friendships, creates rifts between family members and is a totally destructive pattern. Why people are so eager to play the he said/she said game is troubling. You wonder if they have nothing better to do with their time or whether the desire to see others argue and suffer actually resides somewhere deep within the human psyche.

At times, it seems gossip travels faster than the speed of light. Gossip is a destructive habit whether the information being spread is true or not. In fact, it's irrelevant. If people would mind their own business and deal with their own problems perhaps they wouldn't have time to be so interested in the lives of others. There are those that look for negativity in others simply so they can feel better about themselves. There may be other issues that cause one to gossip incessantly such as low self-esteem or an inferiority complex.

People that admit they are gossips but can't seem to stop themselves should seek out the advice of a counselor. Everyone has the potential to develop bad or destructive habits but admitting it is the first step in overcoming them. Having someone to talk to really does help if you can be open and honest with yourself and with others. A professional counselor can provide ways to work toward eliminating negative habits if an individual truly desires to change.

If you have a friend or relative that likes to gossip then you probably already know just how annoying and frustrating it can be to be caught in the middle of other people's conflicts. The best way to control gossip is to stop it before it starts. But you might say, "I don't gossip. I just sit there and listen."

Even if you don't gossip, listening can be just as bad. You are an enabler. You enable the gossiping individual to continue to gossip. Even if you sit there and listen to the gossip one time you are permitting that person to use you as a sounding board. Once you have allowed them to do that they will continue to feel that they can run to you with the latest news.

You can take control of the situation if you choose to do so. Stop the gossip before it starts. How do you do this? Make your feelings known. Let others know right from the start that you do not tolerate gossip. You can do so in a polite but firm manner. Simply let people know that you do not gossip about others nor do you listen to gossip. You might get looks of "Yeah right," or whispers behind your back for a little while but if you stick to your guns, eventually they will go their own way. It may not stop them from gossiping - more than likely they'll just go find someone else who will oblige and listen to the gossip, but at least you won't be a part of it.

Walking away from those who gossip may make you a little less popular, at least momentarily but in the long run, you'll be more respected. Those who don't respect the privacy of others will find that their privacy will not be respected either. Everything does come full circle eventually.

Those who thrive on gossip are also very good at getting others to gossip. The easiest way to get someone ensnared in a web of deceit is to casually ask what he or she thinks. Once you state your opinion the web spins out of control. How often have you made one statement only to have it turn into a whole story because someone twisted your words around and blew it completely out of proportion? Often those who like to gossip will gladly repeat your portion of the conversation but conveniently omit their own. Don't fall into the trap.

If you know someone that is known to be a gossip don't allow his or her actions or words to label you as someone who can't be trusted. Stop the gossip before it starts and make your life as tangle free as possible.

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SPIRITUAL HEALTH - "Taking Risks in Life"

Greetings!  There are moments in life when we have to step out of our comfort zone.  This may mean we might have to travel into the unknown zone of "Risk Taking"...  It is frightening for many of us while on our spiritual walk to take chances... but the fact of the matter is that sometimes we must take a new path in order to achieve our goals.  Trust God's leading and don't be afraid.... Many times Risks are worth taking!

Taking Risks in Life
Alan Crookham, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Feb 3, 2007

"There are many different kinds of people in the world. There are the risk-taking adventure seekers who will do anything for a rush. Then there are the more timid of the human race that prefer to feel safe. Neither one of them are wrong. It's perfectly fine to want to feel safe and it's just the same to love adventure. However I would like to talk a little bit about taking risks in this article. So let's go!

I believe that it is good to be cautious in life; however I think that taking risks are a good thing as well. So many times come in our lives when we must make difficult decisions. It could be anything from whether or not we should marry our girlfriend to what size TV to buy. We have to use our brain when making those choices; however some things require that we take a leap of faith.

For example, my wife and I decided one day to go and visit my family in the U.S. However she is Panamanian, not a U.S. citizen. So making that choice is not as simple as it sounds. We had also just found out that she was pregnant. So because of the pregnancy we knew that visiting family would have to be now. If it wasn't now it would have to wait a couple of years at least. So we decided to take a risk. My wife and I live about eight hours from the U.S. embassy where we had to apply for a visa for her to enter the States. So we sold a few things to have some money to make the trip to Panama City and stay while we waited for the visa. We arrived and stayed with some friends who told us that there would be no way we would get the visa. That was for several different reasons. First of all the visa regulations are insane right now. Second, we had only been married for a couple of months and the United States is a lot stricter on newlyweds than on couples with more time under their belts. We decided to do it anyway.

In the spirit of risk-taking my wife and I went ahead and bought our plane tickets before we even had the visa! That was our choice, I wouldn't suggest it! We went and applied for the visa and they told us afterward we would have to come back a few days later for the reply. So we waited.

When the time was finally at hand we went and they called my wife into the immigration office. Oddly I was barred from entering with her. So I waited outside and I prayed the whole time that she would get the visa. We had taken so many risks, we sold a lot of our things for the money, and we spent a lot of it on the plane tickets and staying in Panama City. Finally she came out and I really couldn't tell what had happened from her face. When finally she said, "They gave me three months!" I'll tell you that was an awesome feeling. It had all paid off and the next day we flew to the States where we stayed for the full term of the visa.

So what is the moral of the story? If you never take any risks in life you will never have any interesting stories to tell! So be willing to take a few leaps of faith. Life is short so take it by the reigns and make something interesting come out of it. Where we fail we learn, and when we succeed we are encouraged to continue. Let's all strive for encouragement and take a risk!"

Published by Alan Crookham

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Greetings! Allow me to introduce J.T.. Over the past year and a half I have had the priveledge to work with this light filled woman in spiritual life coaching sessions...  As a spiritual advisor, I feel God gives me insight through the Holy Spirit to help guide others on their spiritual journey. J.T. has many stories to share of her growth as a woman  and her life journey as it relates to God.
"God reveals his spiritual truths to me by his Spirit." 1 Corinthians 2:13


"I first met Dave about 1 1/2 years ago at an event where he was holding private sessions. I went with a friend and I had no intention in having a session with him. It's not that I don't believe that there are people who have special gifts, its just that I did not feel led until Dave entered the room. I changed my mind because I sensed that I could trust him. So I followed my gut and went for it!
Dave is a gentle spirit and I instantly felt at ease with him. Dave came into my life at a time where I was broken and questioning everything about my life. I felt like I was starting from scratch in many ways and Dave helped me thru Spirit in feeling God' love and the support of my Angels, thus giving me hope. Dave's guidance helped me to move forward to trust and listen to my inner voice. He understands his role of a spiritual advisor. He listens to me and relays what information comes forth. I've learned much about myself through Dave's encouragement and have embraced meditation to find that quiet place where I can be still and talk to God, but most importantly listen to God.

I'm in awe of how my life has changed, I now feel and understand that God lives inside of me and is not separate from me. I am God's living expression, a spiritual being living in a human body. I now look at my life with such a grateful heart. Something has shifted in me, an awakening of sorts. I'm living my life being more conscious and believe that Dave came into my life for a reason and grateful to have him as part of my journey."

J.T. email:  allgood4me22@yahoo.com

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 Introducing the "God Moments"  Series! 
 I am pleased to announce a new series of Testimonials ... Stories... Experiences  and Self Helps to guide you on your spiritual walk!  If you would like to share your personal story or experience, I would be more than happy to post them on the DNA Connexions blog. You never know how your life story could impact someone else's journey... Email me at n29scorpio@gmail.com .
Looking forward to growing and connecting with you through "God Moments" !
Sincere Peace!  Dave

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SPIRITUAL HEALTH! - "Doubt, Guilt and Shame: The Perfect Storm for Poor Health"

Doubt, Guilt and Shame: The Perfect Storm for Poor Health

Simple Steps to Releave Doubt, Guilt and Shame

Soul Dancer, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Dec 2, 2009

How many folks do you know are in a debt storm in some form or fashion?

How's their health?

"These storms don't go away with the minimum wage (as of July 2009) of $7.25 per hour. At 40 hours a week, that's $1160 gross per month. Take out taxes and bingo, we're down to less than $600 a month. Could you survive a storm (of bad health for example) on $600.00 a month? For those earning well above minimum wage, it's a matter of scale or perspective! I work with clients (who report owning seven-digit bank accounts) who act as if they're about to live on the streets based on an internal mindset of what I call the not enough storm.

For example, imagine living day by day, year after year where what money you do earn goes toward what you consider to be bare bone basic necessities. True, what some consider bare-bones might be absolute luxury for others. (Is it time now to consider living simply so that others may simply live?)

Living life in an ongoing survival mode creates tsunami's of worry, shame and doubt. As these storm hit, migraines strike like lightening; squalls of depression and cancer carbuncles wreak havoc on ones health. Results? Feeling absolutely dead tired all the time. At such a point, wouldn't anyone wonder, "Is this what life is all about? If so, is it worth it to continue on? If so, how? How does one carry on?" Simple, pay attention to your health!

As we all know, good health goes a long way to surviving just about any storm. What's your health worth to you? What do you trade at the cost of your health? Seriously! Take a moment to wonder about these questions. (Allow your perfectionist, critic and judge to take a nap as well. No room at the inn for these folks when you wonder about this stuff!)

Keep in mind, this thing called health spans many areas. True, we often associate health with being physically healthy. When we experience illness, isn't it amazing how we remember two or three days of absolute yuck (such as a cold, flu, etc.) and somehow completely forget the reality that out of 365 days, we may enjoy 85% (or more) of those days feeling just fine - all things considered?

How's your mental health? How much dogma or drama do you eat or create to feed your stress monster? How my times do you find yourself in the middle of some argument, gossip or office politic session getting all worked up about this or that ultimately ending with feeling used, abused or unvalued! Mental stress is fertile ground for the seeds of poor physical health. What's your crops look like? Are your fields choked with weeds of worry, doubt and shame? Is there enough sun (clarity of mind), water (flexibility of thought) and air (space to learn) to enjoy a healthy body, mind and spirit?

For some folks, one's spiritual health is treated like a gym membership. They might practice their faith on a weekly basis by attending some sort communal service or private practice. Like walking a mile on a tread mill or swimming laps, prayers get said almost mindlessly out of rote memorization. To avoid shame, guilt or worry, they religiously attend weekly functions. If one skips an event, it's often racked-up to "I had to work!" - right?

Rare is the spiritual devote who actually lives what they pray about. How so? How long is your bridge between what you say and what you do? (We'll explore integrity in an upcoming post. Watch for it!) How many times do you say something, and forget to (or, worse yet, never intended to) actually do what you said you'd do? The most spiritually advanced folks I know enjoy the gift of doing what they say with no words said. Actions do indeed speak louder than words.

Your worth in the form of good health on all levels happens when you take actions that support a healthy physical body, emotionally centered mind and spiritually enriched life.

(By the way, these posts strive to support any desire to enjoy good health on all levels! Keep reading. Keep sending these posts to others. Help yourself and everyone you know experience good health on all levels.)

Ongoing good health requires an excuse-free, positive attitude environment. Excuses, much like sprinkles before the rain of a tsunami builds a nasty flood in short order! How do we hopefully avoid (if necessary - weather) a storm? Pay attention to the following fronts to increase your chances of enjoying good health on all fronts.

Worry front! Imagine me walking up to you and saying,

"Where's my payment! You owe me money!"

To your knowledge, you don't owe me anything (except maybe enough attention to finish reading and commenting on this post). But, because you're really not sure that you owe me any money, you pay me anyway just to end the need to worry about something you're not sure about. I say thank you, and walk away.

Ten minutes later, I walk up to you and ask you again!

"Where's my money!"

Once again, you really don't think you owe me any money, but once again to avoid any need to worry, you pay me. Repeat this cycle as many times as you have a tendency to worry.

Worrying is like paying money to someone you don't owe anything to! What would inspire you to do such a crazy thing? End worrying by facing facts when facts appear. Period. Deal with the facts in a ethical way and you'll dissolve your need to worry - permanently. (We'll explore ethics in an upcoming post!)

Shame front! Giving or receiving shame in any flavor, size or smell is about as useful as throwing gasoline onto someone who is already on fire. Could you imagine throwing gas on someone who's already on fire, especially someone you love? The next time you think or say, "Shame on you!" imagine burning yourself as well as the person you're shaming. Shame may burn for a lifetime. How might you enjoy solid, ongoing health (on any level) when you get burned all the time? While we do learn from pain, learning can happen more painlessly! (I speak from first-hand experience on this topic. This is what I teach others as well!)

Doubt front! When in doubt, sit it out! Write down your doubts. Explore them (more than analyze them - two completely different perspectives). Write down your findings. Ask people questions. Confirm the answers based on your gut feelings. When you clear your mind and listen to your soul, doubt dissolves like rainwater on parched soil. (Need help with that? Get some now!)

As the storms of worry, shame and doubt fade we enjoy clear skies on all fronts. Imagine your health levels with less stress on all fronts. The more healthy you are, the more you can accomplish with less effort. While it may take some time to attain good health on all levels, remind yourself, you're worth it!Should you find yourself needing help with dissolving doubt, guilt or shame - click this link.This site offers many donation-based programs to support healthy growth on many levels."

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SPIRITUAL HEALTH! - "Five Steps to Getting Rid of a Grudge"

Five Steps to Getting Rid of a Grudge

Kelsey Mark, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Oct 10, 2008

Step one of getting rid of a grudge...Admit you have a grudge

The first step is the easiest. Admit that you have a problem with resentment towards a certain person. Admitting this will help you to get the most out of the next steps. Knowing that you have a problem with a grudge will get you motivated to do something about it.

Step two of getting rid of a grudge...Forgive and forget?

Forgive and forget? It's cliché but so true. You have to forgive the person who wronged you so thoroughly. Remember, this is not to help them but to help you. You are not doing this for them. You are doing this for you. One way to start you on the path to forgiving a hurt done to you is by acknowledging it and the pain and then trying to let it go. Think over in your head what that person did to you, without getting angry and slandering them. Think about the changes that action brought upon your life, the good (if there are any) and the bad changes. Acknowledge them, don't just try to forget about them and then have them fester in you. There are two kinds of grudges. Those that you think about all the time and those that you don't think about but are always there. You don't want either kind in your life. You want to be free of those things don't you? Well, then you are going to have to tough it out and try to get rid of that grudge. Forget what that person did to you only after you have healed from it. Only after you have forgiven them. Step three will help with this.

Step three of getting rid of a grudge...Think kind thoughts!

I know. Thinking kind thoughts about someone who really hurt you isn't easy...Wait. I take that back. It's downright hard, but if you want to get rid of that grudge that is shriveling up your life like an old prune than you had better start thinking good thoughts. As soon as you realize you are thinking something uncharitable about the person who hurt you then go in the opposite direction. Think of something that is nice about that person (even if you can't seem to think of anything, try), no matter how mundane or little it may seem. A little goes a long way.

Step four of getting rid of a grudge...Two sides to every story

Now, you may not want to but try to see the other person's point of view. Did they think they were justified in what they were doing? Did they think they were helping in some weird way? This does not make what they did right, but it may help you get over what they did. It can give you a better understanding and maybe help you to let go of that grudge a little easier.

Step five of getting rid of a grudge... Just let it go

Sometimes you just have to let something go. A lot of you smart parents out there know that you have to pick your battles with your kids. The same applies here. You have to decide if what you are upset about really hurt you or if it is just something you need to let go. If it really hurt you then do the steps listed above, if you have to let it go then do just that. Let it go as just another irritation that comes from life.

"The things I have listed above are not going to be easy to do. But they will be worth while. I hope that after you have tried one of these things I have l listed the grudge that has taken hold of your life will loosen it's grasp and give you back what is rightfully yours. A joyful and forgiving heart."

Monday, August 6, 2012

SPIRITUAL HEALTH! - "How to Deal with Negative People"

Hello! Don't you just love a negative person? lol... Now, I will be the first to admit I am not always the most positive person in the world. Ha!  If fact I have had many people in the past that started to keep their distance from me because of my negative attitude at times.  Over the years I have learned to look and evaluate my life.  What makes a person have a negative attitude?  Yes, situations in your life can play a major role, but many times the people that surround you can put off a negative vibe.... And that my friend can bring you down... Trust God and be sensitive to the Spirit to guide you away from the negative and to focus on the positive! 

How to Deal with Negative People

"Negative people some how can find a way to creep into your circle of positivity. When you have negative people around, they can turn your sweet world into a sour world. If you are not careful
with negative people, they will try to suck the life out of you. If you ever have the chance to examine how you feel after being around a negative person; you'll find that you feel angry, disgusted, exhausted and sad. That is why it is important to know how to deal with negative people. 

First, recognize is not you. Negative people have internal issues in which they show externally through their actions and comments. They have issues they refuse to address in their lives and instead of addressing these issues; they take out their angry and frustration on others. Negative people will try to make you feel like you are the one that don't understand, but don't be fooled. recognize is not you. Negative people have internal issues in which they show externally through their actions and comments. They have issues they refuse to address in their lives and instead of addressing these issues; they take out their angry and frustration on others. Negative people will try to make you feel like you are the one that don't understand, but don't be fooled.

Second, recognize they need help. When a negative person starts to behavior and said things negatively to or about others, it is because they are really crying out for help. They need someone who can see through their negatively and see through their pain, hurt and low self-esteem and help them address it.

Thirdly, when a person comes at you negatively, say something positive to them. A negative person will always try to make you feel as bad as they are feeling. However, when you continue to be positive they will either get mad and go away or your positivity will rub off on them. I always like to ask them questions like, what makes you say or think that way? Or Are you okay, is there something you want to talk about? Usually these questions make them want to stay away, because they hate to be confronted about the real issues at hand.

Fourth, don't ever let a negative person get you angry, they are betting on this to happen. This is how they make themselves feel better, when they see they can hurt someone else. I recall a friend who was always saying negative things and I told her, I don't make friends with negative people, in order to be around me you have to be a positive person, am just not going to allow it. And you know what happen, she turned her attitude around and we have been friend for eight years now. Sometimes you are going to have to confront a negative person. Do not tolerate them, confront them and help them address their issues. 

Lastly, use negative people as a tool to make you a better person. Sometimes people entered your life for a reason. Perhaps, they are divinely placed in your path to grow your maturely, in love towards others, patience and kind towards the unlike. Perhaps you are the only one God can trust to help them without tearing them down, as others have done before. Negative people can be an assignment, will you take the challenge?"

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SPIRITUAL HEALTH! "Guilt Will Eat You Alive! =0"

Guilt Will Eat You Alive

Admit when You Have Made a Mistake and Get Rid of Your Guilt

"Guilt is something that every human being faces in the world in which we live in. Guilt has been around since the beginning of time and its something that most of us feel from one time or another in our lives. Guilt has an age on it. The older you get, the more guilt that your heart contains. It will literally eat you alive if you are not careful.

The Holy Bible clearly states that we are to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters for hurting us. We are to let go of the past and not think about all of the wrongs that we have done. Chrsitians believe that when a sin is confessed to Jesus Christ, they are forgiven for that action. A sin can be as simple swear word out of your mouth or an actual hate crime such as murder. No matter what the crime, we all learn that our actions make us think about what we have done time and time again.

It does not matter what religion you come from, guilt will eat at your heart every day. Guilt is something that causes us to change our behavior. We all know what its like to feel guilt because it is a hurtful feeling. We often do not realize that guilt will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we have to talk to others about what we have done to relieve ourselves. Some people hold onto their guilt for years and never let it loose.

I have met many silent men and women in my life that held everything inside and then in just one day it all came out. It either came out through tears, yelling and even violence. The fact here is that everyone has to let the guilt out of their heart. If you do not let it out of your heart, then you may result to hurting yourself because it will literally eat you alive.

Guilt is something that we all carry around. It is something that we look at every day in the mirror. We are guilty of crimes agains God and humanity. It may not be a physical crime in which you can get arrested for, but it may be something as simple as cursing somene out or lying to your boss. It can be anything that violates your own inner morality.

It does not matter what religious background you come from, the truth of the matter is that you will feel guilty about anything that you feel you did that violates your own inner morality. We all come from backgrounds in which we are taught what is right and what is wrong.

We must remember that the past is the past and it cannot be changed. Guilt only wants to destroy you. I believe that guilt is a living thing. It may be a spirit or an angelic encounter reminding us to never do this again. When we wrong another human being, we are causing hurt to someone. Even if it is done unintentionally, it will both us. The best way to understand guilt is to first say to yourself that you may have known that what you were going to do was wrong, but you did it anyway. You must first admit to yourself that you committed a wrong act. Then you must decide on what is the best way to handle this guilt. Should you apologize to someone or should you just let it go? If you feel guilty about something, it usually means that you have "unfinished business" and that you should seek to find out why you are still feeling guilty. Your guilt will eat at you until you find out what you must do to get rid of the hurt. All human beings have guilt and we must confess our sins to God if we are ever going to feel free from our guilt. Some guilt is harder to get rid of then others and we must decide on whether or not its a good thing to let go or a bad thing. Sometimes it is good to hold onto our guilt because it reminds us to never do it again. It gives us a conscious.

What would we do if we never felt bad about anything? We would be just like animals then. We would walk through life just dooing as we please and not feeling guilty about what we have done. We have the option of making a conscious decision at the time of our actions. An animal acts on instinct and people act out on thought. We should always ask ourselves what we are doing so that we can fully understand our actions more.

Life is a learning experience and we must learn to discipline our own behavior. God is the one that gives us the strenghth to discipline ourselves and we must always discipline our hearts if we are to truly accept God completely. It is important for us not to make the same mistakes twice and we should always be aware that God is the one who loves us and forgives us.

I suggest that if you are trying to get rid of your guilt, then you must first confess your sin to God and then to another fellow human being that you can trust. This will allow you to relieve your conscious of any wrong doing. The guilt will stay within you for years and its important to talk about it when the issue comes up. The only way to get rid of guilt completely is to talk about it over and over again until you have exhausted its every last potential of taking hold of you. Guilt is powerful, but you can diminish it by taking the right actions to fight against it."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

SPIRITUAL HEALTH! "Emotional and Verbal Bullying"

Hello! We have all seen it or experienced it... Bullying!  This type of behavior can damage your spirit to the core.  It is important for us to not allow this type of action to be acceptable.  Children as well as Adults can take on the role as Bully or the Bullied!  We have to stop!  The time is long past due to take a stand against emotional and verbal abuse... The following is an article by Kimberly Cook about the effects of this type of abuse....  The next time you see or are involved in any type of cruel behavior... ask God to guide you in the right direction... Trust your spirit and let your intuition lead the way!

Emotional and Verbal Bullying

Don't Allow for Bullies to Tear Your Sanity Apart

Kimberly Cook, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Nov 9, 2010

"Have you often felt like others were out to make your day as horrible and unpleasant as possible? Have you ever dreaded being around particular people because of their rude behavior towards other beings? Do you sometimes wish that any situation involving that person could be avoided at all costs?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions then you may be experiencing a form of emotional and verbal bullying. You may feel like you are the one to blame for the outcome of the situations and it always seems that others are always trying to defend the bully for their behaviors. You are in no way the person who has committed the crime. Being misunderstood and made a mockery is the reverse psychology that many bullies impose on their victims.

So what are some examples of emotional bullying? According to www.pioneerthinking.com, emotional bullying is when someone tries to gain control by making others feel angry or afraid. The victim feels ashamed and embarrassed that they had to engage in such a ridiculous affair.

Often the victim is off minding their own business when the bully comes out of nowhere with negative statements about anything. The victim may try to remain positive and have a positive outlook on life no matter what may come their way, but is easily discouraged when the bully is present.

So what is verbal bullying? Verbal bullying would consist of a person always taunting another individual with shrewd comments, silent treatment when they know they have done something wrong to another, cursing and yelling, trying to blame you for their problems, and lying and gossiping to other people about the victim to gain emotional support so they won't feel bad for their actions.

The truth of the matter is that bullying individual is hurting inside. They have had a hard upbringing that has led them to a life of retaliation at whoever is in their path. Everyone says "not to take the actions of the bully to heart", but this is easier said than done. If you just sit back and evaluate the behaviors of a bully you will discover that the bully treats everyone with blatant disrespect, rudeness, and the bully is not even aware of such behavior.

The best solution to the matter is to take a look into your own life and find a way to think positive even when the worst people may enter your life. At the end of the day, it's really not you that the bully hates. The bullies truly hates themselves and want to find a way to make a person they see as "happy" feel the daily misery that they feel on a daily basis."