Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Embrace Transitions and Welcome Changes - Part 3

Greetings! Here is Part 3 of a series about Change.... Trust your heart and God's leading in any transitions in your life.  When we allow the spirit to take control the transformation can be amazing! =) Sincere Peace!

How to Embrace Transitions and Welcome Changes

Karen Chaffee, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Oct 31, 2009

"As with the seasonal cycles in nature, so a person's life fills with transition on transition. The cycle of life changes direction on a frequent basis.

Do you embrace transition and its changes with a joy of the unknown? Anticipation of what life might bring you next, or what you might now be able to give to life?

Or do you face unavoidable changes with dread, as though they were turbulant summer storms that might drown you or a winter blizzard about to bury you?

I love living in Michigan, USA, where we have four distinct seasons that come and go each year. I cannot imagine a climate without that, just as I cannot imagine a life with no distinct changes occuring on a regular basis.

Don't get me wrong, for there are many changes that have frightened me half to death, but other changes have filled me with a secret joy, a special sense of what might next be possible. I've learned to embrace change without the fear it used to sometimes bring, and so can you. So if changes tend to freeze you a bit with fear , read below to gain a different perspective on life's inevitable turns into unknown terrains.

How To Embrace Transition and Welcome Change

1. Imagine life with no transitions, a self that never changes. What you have just pictured is a form of demise. A static life is a life that precludes growth, and growth is essential to happiness as well as survival.

2. Fright and excitement have a similar effect on one's body. Heart rate accelerates, tension mounts, breathing becomes more rapid. Whenever transition is about to occur in your life, make a concerted effort to rename your dread of change by thinking of it more as a form of excitement.

3. Ask yourself as you come upon each new cross-road: what delightful opportunities can I seek in this next phase of my life? What are the possibilities? How might I use this to increase my knowledge and my positivity?

4. Picture yourself as a butterfly in the making. Being a caterpillar was okay, but being a butterfly will be even better. Butterflies can, after all, fly!

5. Anticipate the best rather than the worst. Embrace change, transition, as a positive, not a negative, for most of the time, that is exactly what happens -- things change for the better when you embrace it.

As you do with the changing seasons of the year, take away from each phase about to pass the best you've experienced, and march with it into the next phase, knowing that it, too, will offer you much you can carry happily with you into the next and the next and.....

Enjoy each new season. Live it, and life, to the fullest of all that is possible to bring you joy and wisdom and growth."

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello Again! Here is part 2 on a series about change.  As the seasons transition many people find spiritual changes as well within their life.  Learn to fully trust on God and the Spirit's leading. Do not let fear stop you from discovering greater adventures ahead.

Fear of Change


Kurt Evans, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jan 11, 2010

"Fear of change is something that we all experience in life. Change happens all the time and we have to go with whatever it brings our way.

Change Happens

Change happens to us a lot as we grow up. Our body's go through changes. Our minds go through changes. Change is something that we may have come to associate bad experiences with.

Good And Bad

Change can be both good and bad depending upon how you look at it. When things change, it always provides a new learning experience from which you can learn from and grow to become a stronger person.

Fear Of Change

When you have fear of change, what you're really saying is that you want things to stay the way they are.

Things On The Planet

All of the greatest things on the planet have come about through change. The seasons change, the weather changes, the color of the leaves on the trees change. Change is a constant in life that's guaranteed to happen. Change is the one variable in life that's certain.

How You Handle Change

How you handle change and how you deal with change will always affect your outcome.

Rude Awakening

If you sit around in your lofty chair and say that things are just perfect and that nothing should ever change; then, you are in for a rude awakening my friend.

Learn To Deal With Change

When you learn to deal with change with an attitude of acceptance of whatever it may be; then, you have mastered the art of dealing with change and your fear of change will be no more. The fear of change will be no more because you can accept whatever it is that comes your way and deal with it in an effective manner.

The next time that change comes your way, remember this and you can proceed in a calm and relaxed manner.


Make sure that you enjoy change and you shall prosper with the ever-unfolding events of life on this wonderful planet of ours."

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Greetings Again!  Dealing with Change is not always easy. Especially when the change pushes us out of our comfort zone.  It is obvious that the world around is in a major state of transition.  Many people are without work or just struggling on a daily basis to keep their head above water.  If you are one of millions who have difficulty with new transitions in your life ... the following article may help.  The important thing to remember is to allow your spirit to breathe and let God guide you... Dealing with change is much easier if you follow the light in the darkness.

Dealing with Change

Adam Asher, Yahoo! Contributor Network
May 6, 2010 "

"Life is often a series of ups and downs. Rarely do we live for several months at a time in a state of stability, equilibrium, or homeostasis. There is always something around us that is changing.....no matter how hard we try to keep solid habits or routines.

So what is one to do when a monkey wrench gets tossed into their gears? Well, I'll start off with a very generic, but factual answer : I guess that all depends on who we're talking about. Here's why......... For some individuals, going with the flow of things is very easy. Their personalities are very flexible, and they can adapt to most situations without the batting of an eyelash. This is either because this is who they are genetically, or it is because they have been through so much change and uncertainty growing up, that not much ruffles their feathers anymore.

If you fall into the previous category, the rest of this article may not help you out....but keep reading, because it may help you in assisting someone who's coping mechanisms to change are completely opposite your own. Now, if you are a creature of habit, a person of extreme routine, an anxiety stricken individual, or one who just does not like being thrown a curveball, you fall into my second category. You have a hard time dealing with change. Don't worry. I've got a few good pointers coming your way.

Okay.....before I start handing out free advice, get out a pen and a piece of paper. All set? Good! We need to start out by addressing one basic question(yes, you must write down the question and a thorough answer)...... "Why am I upset or disturbed by change?" or "Why am I so afraid of change?" Once you have your answer or answers, you will have a lot of insight into your own mind that you probably did not have before. I know writing things out can be tedious, but the results are priceless. I first learned this technique while reading a self-help book called "Living the Truth" by Dr. Keith Ablow. I have practiced using this technique multiple times since, and have been amazed at what I have discovered about myself and others. With that being said, there are a few tips that I am going to share with you to make dealing with change a little easier until you get to the root of your issue(which most likely stems from an issue or a time many, many years in your past).

1. Turn fearful or negative thoughts of change into positve thoughts of what is to come(there is always a sliver lining to things.....even if it is not apparent initially)

2. Realize that it is always the times that we step outside our comfort zones that we grow.

3. Don't focus on the past as you are moving forward. Let there be a natural evolution to things. Hanging on will only hinder you and hold you back.

4. Realize that your initial reaction to change related stressors may not always be positive, but it is how you learn to deal with these stressors and harness these intense reactions that will propel you forward.

5. Take things slow. Do not make all of your changes at once. Start with small gradual changes, and ease your way into the bigger ones.

Bonus Tip: Watch "Yes, Man" with Jim Carrey.

Okay guys, the ball is in your court now. It's time to move forward and it's time to be brave. It is time to deal with change. You now have the tools, so get to work!"