Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Testimony 2011! "GOD WINDOW"

Greetings again! The following is a Summer Testimony by a wonderful lady and a dear friend. Pam Shorey opened her home to me with her gift of hospitality. She took a leap faith by trusting God's leading to allow a complete stranger to come live in her home with her. When I arrived in July we instantly bonded. The natural brother / sister style relationship was planned by God. I was blessed with many new friends, clients and connections while in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area this summer. Many doors have been opened and my goal is to return to south Florida in January 2012 for the winter months. "Blind Faith" are the words that I think of when I hear and read this testimony by Pam. "Walk by Faith! Not by Sight!" Not easy to do, but when we listen to God and the spirit's leading... The results can be amazing! 

"God is good. No human power could have orchestrated the concert about to unfold which began a life long brother/sisterhood with me and Dave Neal Adams. There are no coincidences in life...only God incidences. Here is my story.

In March 2011, my sister and brother-in-law had dinner with a high school friend and two other men. One of them was Dave.  He was rather quiet and distracted during dinner as Dave did not know my sister or brother-in-law. After dinner, Dave asked to speak with my sister privately to which she happily agreed. They moved to the side of the parking lot outside the restaurant at which time he told her that "a woman" had been standing behind my sister the entire dinner. Dave described that on occasion the woman would put her hands on my sister's shoulders and would lean over ... look at my sister and then back at Dave. It was obvious this lady had a message to convey.  Dave proceeded to describe this woman to my sister. She thought she knew who he was describing but could not fully make the connection. Dave was a bit embarrassed as he had never met my sister before so did not want to appear crazy. To the contrary, my sister only wished he would have told her during dinner! My sister is quite open to gifts of the spirit.

 They finished the conversation and Dave returned to the front passenger side of the car in which he was riding. Everyone else continued to converse at the rear of the vehicle.  All of a sudden Dave jumped out of the car and stared at my sister and said emphatically, "Marjorie! Majorie! Marjorie!". My sister then understood. You see, ...We had a very beloved Aunt Marge (my father's sister) who had passed away.

My sister then called me all excited and told me of their interaction. The three men were coming to Ft. Lauderdale for a few nights and asked if I knew what hotels in the area took dogs as they had their beloved canine  with them. I immediately said, "Absolutely, tell them they are staying with me!" ( I never met any one them!) So a few days later,  three  men and a dog pulled up in my driveway and stayed at my home. We had the  most wonderful visit and I instantly connected with all three of them and of course, the dog.  I had a great time!

During their stay Dave shared his goals and desires to eventually relocate to the south Florida area to pursue and expand on his career as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Consultant. After prayer and consideration I invited Dave to return to my home during the summer. Not knowing Dave, this was a big leap of faith for me and I am sure for Dave as well. In July 2011 he came back and stayed with me for a month during which time he ministered to me as a person as well as an advisor. Dave gave to me a "God window" that probably saved my life. He told me he saw an oxygen mask on my face in my sixties (I am currently 57 years old). I have been smoking cigarettes for 27 years. As always, the choices we make in our life are ours and our alone but I was given a gift of insight by Dave to which I paid heed. He provided the "God Window" and I jumped through it. I have been truly blessed beyond words to have Dave in my life and will be a lifelong friend and brother in Christ."

Pam Shorey []

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miracles Are Around Us

Miracles Are Around Us

Mandy Shorb, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Mar 12, 2011

Miracles are around us,
They are everywhere we can see,
Everywhere that we can touch,
Everywhere that we can feel,
Everywhere that we can smell,
Even when we cannot see,
Even when we cannot touch,
Even when we cannot feel,
Even when we cannot smell,
Miracles are around us,
All we have to do,
All we have to put forth,
Is an effort,
Is a thought,
Are the emotions,
Is the belief,
Is the hope,
Is the strength,
That is within us all,
Miracles are around us,
Even when times are most difficult,
Even when times are the most hard,
Even when times feel that you want to,
Give up,
Let it go,
Forget all the hurt,
Forget all the pain,
Forget all the rain,
To just leave it in the past,
Leave it behind,
Behind where you are now,
Miracles are around us,
Even through those times,
When nothing doesn't seem,
Doesn't seem to make sense,
Doesn't seem to make a difference,
When things are the hardest to understand,
When things are the hardest to believe,
Even during those times,
Even during those trials,
Even during those hardships,
They are still there,
They are still around you,
They are just waiting for you,
Waiting for you to reach out,
To reach out your hand,
Your belief,
Your faith,
Your trust in Him,
Those miracles are around us,
They are everywhere we turn,
It is up to us,
It is up to our hearts,
To let them influence our life,
Our futures,
Our dreams,
Our everything,
We just have to remember,
Those miracles are around us,

Every single day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello Once Again! Choices! Ha! I know that many times I am faced with making decisions while on my spiritual walk... Choices are not always my favorite task to deal with in life...  But it is always good to have options... God allows us to make choices so that we may learn to grow and trust the spirit's leading while on our personal journey. Open your heart and mind when deciding your next adventure in life.

It's All About Choices

Three Inner Steps to Making Decisions and Living with the Outcome

David Frantz, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Nov 23, 2006

"The seasons indicate that it's time to get into the holiday spirit. It seems futile some years, exciting others. Yet life marches on, holidays or not. We immerse ourselves daily in our jobs, family concerns, self-imposed busy-work, and crazy social schedules. We turn page after page of the family calendar securely magnetized to the refrigerator, checking for conflicts that exist, sometimes double-booking when we know better. We manage by using tools of modern times - multiple cell phones, multiple cars, and multiple emails now reside in our homes, and lives. We ask ourselves how we ever did without them. The answer is simple, but we choose not to listen to our inner voice.

Each task, and every decision that resides within each task, has profound effects on our lives. We cannot escape the fact that we are responsible for where we are today and what fills our waking moments. Others may influence us (if we allow it), they may even get in our way (if that's what we choose to perceive). Our actions and interactions with the world are ultimately decided by the choices we make along the way.

We decide to join the club. Not all members of the club are compatible with our ideals and personality. Conflict rears it's ugly head. We refuse to communicate with them. Our children go to school together. Will they remain good friends now? Can we ever be in a group with those other people again? Surely, we didn't start it . . . they did!

When we decided to join the club, the team, the task force, we also agree to take on everything that gathers in the wake of that decision. Even if we join because we felt obligated by the person asking, it is still our decision to make, and at the end of the day, we must own those results.

Now you may argue that there are forces and decisions made by others that are beyond our control. True. But how we respond to what comes our way and how we use the results of our decisions is nobody's responsibility but our own. Too often we are quick to point a finger, saying that this person or that group undermined our efforts. We slink away, justifying our anger and feeling of loss because they did this to us. They were too stupid to realize how smart we are. They are too rich, too poor, or too inexperienced to understand it all. But, in the final analysis, it all came about because we made the decision to join, to be a part of the inner workings and intertwined personalities. Now, we must own that decision. (Step one complete.)

Step two revolves around moving ahead, with the knowledge now firmly planted in our brains that we must be responsible for what we set in motion. We did make that decision that now effects our lives, our kids, our jobs. Nobody forced us into it. If we make a decision and then claim that we were pressured to do it, then we are not our own person. Yes, sometimes our jobs depend on give and take, or working for a boss who is less than noble in his/her dealings with employees. But, whatever we decide from moment to moment is solely our decision to make, then deal with the fallout, good or bad.

There is a third step to walking through our decision making processes. That is, learning to own what is ours and what is not, especially ownership of problems. Don't let someone else's problem become yours. Filter it carefully. We can offer advice to our spouse, children, parents, and friends. What they do with that advice is up to them. We might not like the decisions they make, but that choice is theirs to make, not ours. We do not own the outcome of their decisions. We might feel regret if we gave them poor advice. (Gasp, oh no, not us). But we can only embrace the decision we made to dispense advice, and our willingness to feel bad if they acted on it and had less than favorable results. We cannot own their decision to act on our words, even if they blame us for it.

Again, it's all about choices. We choose to take action, or not. By choosing inaction, we open the door for someone else control our lives. If we let others decide for us, then we must realize that it was initially XYZ, and now our pension fund is missing and theirs is not. We gave up traveling overseas at age 18, and now we realize that it may never happen in our retirement.

We decided. The outcome may not always be what we want or expect, but it belongs to us. Decide to be who you were meant to be, or not. Embrace the results. Either way, you own it."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spiritual Crisis: When the Transpersonal Becomes Personal (and Vice Versa)

Greetings! There may be moments while on our spiritual journey when we experience an upset in our walk with God.. This is the time when we need to really focus and trust our inner spirit to guide us through that crisis! The following is an article that may offer helpful suggestions to support the struggling soul.

Spiritual Crisis: When the Transpersonal Becomes Personal (and Vice Versa)

TM, Yahoo! Contributor Network
May 14, 2007

"The concept of a spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency is one that is gaining attention as more and more people begin to experience the phenomenon of awakening to a deeper, more complex reality. What creates the emergency for many is, in part, the fact of having no real psychospiritual preparation and no cultural framework into which their experiences fit. This in turn can create a deep sense of despair, making the experience that much more painful."

Find A Context That Helps Your Experiences Make Sense

One of the major keys to coming through a spiritual crisis resides in finding a context into which you can place your experiences so that they make sense to you. This will better equip you to go forward and apply what you learn during this crisis in your daily life. If you're already on a spiritual path (or already feel drawn to one) at the onset of the crisis, then this part may flow more effortlessly for you than for others. What this context will be is completely dependent upon the individual and the content of her experience. You might come from a traditional, Christian background, experience visions, dreams and such that contain images or passages from that tradition and find comfort in an approach that honors this. You might find in yourself a deep need for movement and take up yoga. Some form of meditation might be what you need. A shamanic approach may work best for you. You may need a complimentary approach combining one or more sets of ideas. Let the experience itself guide you; the important thing is that you find a context that allows you accept your experiences with compassion and understanding. Without these, integrating your experience will be difficult (if not impossible), and you will benefit little from what you have endured.


Another key to coming through a spiritual crisis is having an outlet for creative processing. So much comes up for us -- mentally and emotionally -- when the egg of our soul-self finally cracks open and the emergence begins. Again, it's not so important what this entails for you so much as it is that you find something that is constructive which works for you. Painting, drawing, writing, making handicrafts, singing, dancing, playing an instrument - anything that provides a way for you to bring at least some of the internal experience outward. Though we're playing in the arena of the transpersonal, we can still have difficulty seeing clearly because we are still so close to our own issues and experiences. Having an outlet for constructive, creative processing will help provide a degree of distance between yourself and the content of your experience. This in turn will help you gain a perspective that will help you integrate the lessons you are learning into your daily life. If you're into making crafts as I am, you'll have some wonderful works of art around to remind you of lessons learned during times of difficulty.

Take Care of Your Body

Not to neglect the physical aspects of what occurs during a spiritual crisis, dietary intake should be carefully and consciously attended to. Avoiding any form of recreational intoxicant is a must. This includes alcohol, marijuana, caffeine and nicotine. Sugars that are not naturally occurring (as in fruit and such) should be kept to a minimum, or better, avoided altogether. Meats should be avoided, and proteins should come from vegetable sources such as quinuoa, lentils, and beans. In an optimal situation, dairy products will be avoided, but if they cannot be, then keeping them to a minimum will suffice. Plenty of fresh (preferably living, but filtered will do) water is in order, as you'll be flushing out a lot of toxins (physical and non-physical) during this time, especially if you're sticking closely to these basic dietary guidelines.

Light to moderate exercise can be beneficial, especially in times of acute emotional stress. Walking at a moderate pace is a good form of movement during this time. The key here is moderation. Don't overdo it and by all means, don't force anything. Listen to your body and honor what it is telling you. Your energy level may fluctuate throughout the day. This is because your body is under as much stress right now as your soul, so be kind.


Making time for being alone is essential. Now is not the time to go to a big social gathering or hit the local shopping mall. Some people may experience the need for solitude as a drive to withdraw for a period of time, and this is fine, even natural, especially if you're already inclined toward a solitary lifestyle. If you can get out into nature, to a place where you can have direct contact with the natural world, do it. Balm for the ailing soul can be found in abundance in nature. If you're not naturally the solitary type, don't fret over your need to be alone right now. There is nothing wrong with you and you're not going crazy. You're having growing pains and need time and space to assimilate new dimensions and experiences of being who you are.

On the flip side, support from others can be helpful, but is not always available. Most people around you won't understand what you're experiencing unless they've had similar experiences themselves. Professional therapists may be cost (and paradigm) prohibitive. Perhaps you have a close, trusted friend or relative who, even if they haven't been through such an ordeal themselves, is willing to accept that your experience is very real for you and can lend you some support in the form of someone to talk to. Though it may be tempting at this time, it's probably a good idea to avoid any sorts of spiritually oriented workshops or classes unless they particularly address what you're experiencing and you have unwavering trust in the facilitator(s). Why overload yourself and invite disaster? An experience of this nature is difficult enough without adding difficulty to it. You are very vulnerable right now and it is best to honor this by being gentle with yourself. There's plenty of time for group events when your condition has stabilized.

Resources on the Web

There are numerous resources available online. Doing a web search, you can find numerous sites that discuss this topic in far more detail :

Spiritual Emergency ( -- Not a blog in the typical sense. Contains numerous links to other articles and resources.

Help for People in Spiritual Crisis ( - A nice article with a well organized bibliography.
Narrative of a Religious Crisis ( - A personal account of transpersonal crisis. A bit scientific in its format, and a bit on the academic side, but the author is an MIT trained engineer. He cites numerous biblical passages, song lyrics, poetry and such throughout the narrative. Proves this can (and does) happen to anyone!