Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live in the Present, Forgive Your Past

Greetings Again! Over the past few weeks I have been personally confronted with many changes in my life.... Moving...  Grieving the loss of a childhood friend... Making new... exciting changes and decisions about  the future.  While going through all of  these ups and downs in emotions... one promise stands strong... I do know that God and the Spirit's leading are an ever  constant pressence in the storms of life... The following article is about living in the present and forgiving the past. Always trust your instinct and know that God and the Spirit are guiding you on your spiritual journey... Sincere Peace!

Live in the Present, Forgive Your Past

P. B. Chase

"I opened my favorite Dove dark chocolate candy, unwrapped the red foil with anticipation to thoroughly enjoy the creamy dark chocolate richness. When I had finished, I started to crumple up the wrapper to throw away,but I always have to open to read the messages that are printed inside. It usually says something like, "Sing with the elevator music" or "Believe the best in others", but this one said, "Live in the present, forgive your past." It gave me pause; I crumpled up the wrapper and again set it aside to throw away and then reached to read it once again. As I did, something in these words seemed to penetrate, to reach through to me in a deeper way.

I know it's important to live in the present this concept is not new to me. I know to live in the present requires not living in the past. I have recently been seeing how powerful forgiveness is, and the ability of it to release us. But these words, "forgive your past" seeped deeper, past my mind, to awake my consciousness more than merely forgetting the past or forgiving others. It struck me as something that, I don't believe, we often allow ourselves to do and it is why we so often live in the strangle hold of the past. We may be aware of the need and have the desire to move on from our past and even realize it holds us back in many ways, but I don't think we necessarily recognize the need or the "right" to forgive our past. This changes everything; it gives us complete and total control of our present. We are no longer indebted to the past and we therefore are no longer limited by it. This means moving forward without regret, when we forgive, it is washed clean from our soul and the stain of the past is gone. This does not mean we are not accountable for our actions it means we accept responsibility and ask forgiveness when necessary and forgive our failure and move forward.

This is more than just forgiving ourselves for something we may hold on to or forgiving someone else, it is allowing forgiveness for all that is in the past and reconciling our past with whom we are and where we are now. It is only when we can truly forgive, only then can we can truly move forward. We clear "any" thoughts, feelings, ideas, mistakes, failures and successes of the past that feed our unconscious mind. Yes, successes too can hold us to the past in an unhealthy way. What we accomplished yesterday is now in the past and needs to be released to the past. Living on yesterday's success is a sure way to lose touch with today. Releasing and forgiving the past allows one to start anew each day. We can live each moment with all of our focus and energy on the here and now. Our past has a collective quality that is more than just our own life experiences, but is very much the life experience of our parents and grandparents and generations before us. We carry with us experiences that we know only through stories of man's history, but we nonetheless carry the emotions, fears and failures, hopes and dreams of these times with us. They become our collective past that affects us all and we carry views of the world that have nothing to do with personal experiences, but are the learned cumulative experiences of mankind.

What does this mean to us in our everyday lives? It means we react and respond to our present from a point of view that is not necessarily valid, but is our collective human experience projected onto us without our even recognizing it. What this means to us most simply is that we do not have honest experiences now, we do not really live in the present and respond to the present because our minds are foreshadowed by the past to see our present in an untrue light. We need to forgive our past, learn from the past, recognize the mistakes of our history, but separate our minds from it. We need not be blindly influenced in our perception and experiences of the present by our minds perceived past.

If we can learn to experience this present day, this present moment with all of our senses, our spirit, our soul. If we can learn to harness and use our mind as a tool and not let the mind enslave us to the past we will have a much richer, more spiritual and satisfying life. Being in touch with the present moment with all that you are makes alive all that you are meant to be. I don't thing we can live up to our potential or find our true purpose in life until we do.

When we live in the present and from a conscious mind and not in the past we find we are no longer in search of something to believe or in search of how to fulfill our beliefs, but we see that already are complete. There is nothing to improve upon; there is nothing we need do, but to experience our life in the fullness of God with all that he created us to be.

Live in the present, forgive your past. Reading these words and meditating upon them seems to have a healing effect. I feel the tentacles of the past slip away. I feel the sadness of my heart's burden lessen and ease. I feel the tension in my body soften and the almost imperceptible awareness of fear that holds its grip upon the human mind slack a little and give rise to faith and courage. Fear is the product of our minds reaction to the experiences of the past. When we live in the present moment we see have nothing to fear as we are not holding to the past with dread or regret, we live in the present and we have strength for the moment.

Live in the present, forgive your past. When we do this we naturally forgive others and we forgive all of our history, we forgive the failures and we recognize the potential of all of God's creation. We will nolonger feel the need to judge or defend, as we forgive, as we are forgiven. Does this mean we put our trust in all men? No, but it does mean we trust God and as we forgive we release those who would harm us into His hands. When we forgive another person we release them from our judgment and give them over to God. God will deal with the heart of each man; it is not ours to do.

Live in the present, forgive your past. Forgive yourself, forgive your family history and forgive all the history of man that holds your soul captive. Find yourself in God and let Him live in you.

"Live in the present, forgive your past", written on the wrapper of a Dove chocolate...you never know where God will meet you."


"The Power of Now", By Eckhart Tolle

"The Shack", By William P. Young

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Testimonial! "Who's That Lady?" - May 2011

Who’s that Lady?
"I first heard about Dave Neal Adams from dear and old friends.
They talked about his incredible and deep spiritual values and
his God given gifts. I found all this to be true and valuable.
Back in early February 2011 my friends and Dave made an unexpected visit to my 200 + year old brick home in Historic Burlington, Kentucky of which I totally renovated in 1992.
Let me recall my experience with meeting Dave that afternoon -

(1) As Dave entered my home he was energetic about his vision of a woman in old “garb” clothes from long ago entering the property in a weathered horse drawn wagon heading up to the house. Dave went into great detail with the description of her clothing. He kept trying to interpret her name. He said it was an old fashion name that started with the letter C. But he was unable to conclude her name.
(2) We then proceeded to the front entrance (foyer) of the house. Dave exclaimed “this is all wrong!” He then described in full detail his vision of how it was. I mentioned my renovations and changes to the door, walls and stairs to the second floor. His vision was exactly perfect! He had it right all the way thru the house. It was intriguing and amazing to watch and listen as he made his way thru the house. There is NO WAY he could have known about the stair changes. He said “No! No! the stairs go here and straight up. I had made serious interior changes adding electric, plumbing and heating to update this house while retaining the original charm and bones including the 5 fireplaces.
(3) When Dave came up to the second floor he noticed all the changes again. But when entering the Master Bedroom, one of my friends asked about possible bad spirits or energys. I have always known that this house is blessed and Dave replied “Yes”, there were bad energys but with the renovations you’ve “cleansed” this house. The only spirit here is that Lady and she likes you and what you have done to the house. She really really likes you!
(4) Dave spent another hour or so talking as friends. He has the most natural and authentic attitude about the gifts he has. He knows that he is blessed and feels good about sharing his gifts. I sincerely recommend the experience that Dave has to offer."
Love and Sincere Peace,
Heidi Huff

Monday, May 23, 2011

Is This Your Soul Mate?

Hello Again! Have you ever wondered if you have met your soul mate? The person you know so well... Not just physically, but spiritually? The following is an article written by Blondie Writes about soul mates and ways to tell if someone could be your sould mate. Learning to trust in God and the Spirit's leading could guide you to your soul mate...

Is This Your Soul Mate?

Ways to Tell If Someone Could Be Your Soul Mate

BlondieWrites, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jan 31, 2008

"You've gotten to know this person that you love to spend time with. You've become great friends and can talk about anything and everything. You find yourself thinking of this person all the time, and you start to wonder if maybe this person is no longer just a good friend, but something more. You begin to wonder if maybe this person is your soul mate. So how can you tell?

That's a good question. People are different. They act, think, live, and love differently. To happen upon a person that seems to be such a great match for you isn't something that happens often in life, hence one of the reasons for so many divorces. A person marries someone that they don't really know. Sure, they know a name, a favorite color or favorite food perhaps, but they don't truly know the person deep inside. So they marry and live with someone they don't know and when it ends, they are often left wondering what happened.

Soul mates love deeply, without condemning for past or present failures or mistakes, without judging. A soul mate is the person that completes you, a person that you cannot imagine your life with her or him, a person that thinks and feels on many levels in the same way you do. A soul mate is the person that truly seems a part of you, down the the very core of your being. It's been said that a soul mate is the extension of oneself.


Finding your soul mate is about much more than obtaining sexual gratification. It's about an intimacy that goes far beyond sex and so much deeper in emotions and feelings. A soul mate is someone that totally understands you, even when you think you are beyond understanding about some things. A soul mate hears not only what you say but more importantly, they hear what you don't say.

A person that mistreats you, is hateful and rude to you, disrespectful to you, who doesn't care about your feelings is not probably not your soul mate. A soul mate is the one that loves you more deeply than anyone except God, on so many levels, that it's almost impossible to comprehend the magnitude of the love and compassion they have for you. A person that is not good to you probably is not your soul mate.

When asking yourself, is this person my soul mate, ask yourself: Is this the person or kind of person that I want to spend my life with? Is this the person or kind of person that I deserve? Does this person truly loveand care for me and do they complete me? Can anyone possibly love and care for me more than this person does? Do I want this person for who they are or just how they look?


Only you can truly determine if someone is your soul mate. Don't settle for someone who isn't everything you want and need. Good things come to those that wait. And at the same time, don't overlook someone because they don't fit your idea of how a person should look. Looks fade, the inside stays."

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Living in the Here and Now!

Living in the Here and Now

Cherie Leonard, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Aug 24, 2007

"One of the most important things about life that we too often ignore is to live in the here and now. When you think about it deeply, you've gotta realize that this 'here and now' is all we have. It's all
we will ever have. Still, even knowing this, it can be difficult to put it into practice. God knows I don't always live by the here and now. I tend to worry about stuff I can't even control, much less the important things. The looming death of my grandpa has really woken me up to grief and pain that I haven't experienced before. He's been suffering from emphysema for years and its finally wore him down to the breaking point. I feel such empathy for what he and my grandma are going through, facing death when it's so close you can almost touch it. Honestly and realistically speaking, death is close to us all the time. None of us can ever pinpoint the moment we will pass, no matter how much thinking or worrying we do about it. That's why its so important to live in the present. Make each moment count for something. If you must plan, decide to do something at least once a month that you've always dreamed of doing. I know there's probably tons of stuff we all think about doing but never get around to it. So make it a part of your routine, say, a certain Saturday out of each month to go on a road trip, pick wild flowers, take beautiful photos, or just have a family time where you all get together and talk to each other. Each moment has the potential to be your best moment ever. Every moment has the potential to be your last in this life. If you want to be truly happy in life, be conscious, be aware!! Understand and know exactly what you are living for. :-)"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be Still and Know

Greeting Again! There have been many times while on my spiritual journey that I find myself at a point where I can not go any further... I want to push and push, but my energy becomes completely depleted.. You may be able to relate... There are moments when God just wants us to stop!  Simply Stop! Be Still! And Know! It does not matter how important you think your life is and how booked you think your schedule is.... When God wants you to stop there is a reason... It is up to us to seize the moment.


Be Still and Know

Stephen St. John
May 19, 2010

"Be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10a).

What does it mean to "be still?"

"In a Hebrew dictionary, I looked up the word which we translate "still." There I learned the word can mean to abate, cease, forsake, leave, let alone, slack, stay, or be still. While I was thinking about this, I decided that present day expressions such as "let it go" or "shake it off" would be most accurate. We use those expression when we find ourselves obsessing over some problem, insult, or failure. We tell our friend who is depressed because he did not get the job he wanted, "just let it go." And we tell our teenagers who have been insulted to just "shake it off."

Here in Psalm 46:10, God is telling us something similar. Earlier verses in the Psalm describe war, disaster, and trouble. Naturally, we react to these things with worry, stress, or even violent exertions of our own. But the Lord says, "Wait! I have got this! I have got you! You need not agonize over the trouble around you. I am God. Be still and you will know."

Now this is not to say we don't take action on our own. When our friend doesn't get that job he wanted, we expect that he will go ahead and apply for others. But the Lord reminds us, even in our activity, our hearts ought to be still before Him. We always trust that he will take care of us in the face of adversity. This way we can remain in the midst of a troubled world, but have souls that are full of peace and repose."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips for Reaching Your Goals

Tips for Reaching Your Goals

8 Tips to Ensure that You Reach Your Goals

Amy Brantley
Mar 14, 2007

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #1:
Be Realistic

If you want to reach your goal, you must make sure your goal is realistic. For example, don't set a goal to lose 100 pounds. Instead set a goal to lose 20 pounds. Realistic goals make reaching your target easier
because your goal isn't completely out of reach. Losing 100 pounds may take up to a year if not longer, which may make it seem like your aren't getting anywhere. When you try to lose 20 pounds you will quickly see results and will not give up.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #2:
 Write Your Goals Down

Once you have decided on your goals, write them down. Reaching your goal is easier when you have a constant reminder of what you're working for. Put this list in a spot where it will be seen everyday. For example, place the sheet on your mirror so that you will see it every morning before leaving for work.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #3:
Set Dates

Setting dates for your goals makes reaching your target easier because it gives you a time limit. When you don't set a date, it's harder to get started on your goal. For example, let's say you want to buy a new oven and need $500. Setting a day for buying that new oven helps to ensure that you are putting back the money you need to reach that amount by the due date.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #4:
Break Your Goals Down

Let's use a large purchase for this tip as well. Let's say you want to buy a new bedroom suit and will need $1500. You decide that you want to buy the bedroom suit in one year, this means that each month you will need to put back $125. This makes reaching your goal easier because $125 each month isn't a big deal, while $1500 may seem like a large amount to obtain.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #5:
 Give Yourself the Proper Amount of Time

This goes back to setting realistic goals. If you try to come up with an extra $2000, in the next month, you maybe overwhelmed and fail. Reaching your goal is much easier to do when you give yourself time to properly reach your target. Another example would be trying to write 200 articles in a week, you maybe able to do it, but how good would those articles be?

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #6:
Ask Your Friends and Family to Help

Sometimes reaching goals, on your own, isn't possible. You need the help of friends and family to make sure you're doing the right things to reach your target. Ask friends and family to avoid bringing fattening
snacks to your home if you are trying to lose weight. Ask friends to help you avoid making unneeded purchases when you are trying to save money. Reaching your target will be easier if you have the support that you need.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #7:
 Make Sure You're On Track

Every week, sit down and look at your calendar. Are you on track? Are you taking the proper measures to reach your target? Or are you behind? If you're behind you will need to work harder or rethink your original due date. If you are ahead, do not slow down, instead keep doing what you're doing and you may reach your goal ahead of the due date.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals #8:
Listen to Advice

Last, but not least, listen to your friends and family when they give you advice. If they tell you that your goal is unrealistic, don't get angry and try to prove them wrong. Instead consider what they are saying and seriously look at your goals. If your family tries to give you the best advice for the proper snacks to eat while dieting, don't get offended, your family is just trying to help.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding Your Bliss

Greeting again!  What does is mean to find your Bliss?  A few weeks back while meeting with clients for private sessions.... I ran into an old professor from college...  It had been many years since we had seen each other.  She asked me what I was doing in life...  When I told her that I was involved in Spiritual Advising... She smiled and said "You got to follow your Bliss!" Have you found your bliss?  By trusting in God and allowing the Spirit to guide you on your spiritual walk ... I am sure you will find your Bliss!

Finding Your Bliss

Lailah Moridzadeh
Dec 11, 2008

"Finding bliss in your life requires you to understand the workings of the mind. We encounter stress and depression when we allow our thoughts to take hold of us. When we become liberated from the mind, we experience bliss. To become liberated, you must stop connecting thoughts.

The true nature of the mind is to create random and independent thoughts. We don't know they are random because we have become accustomed to connecting them. Test this out. Sit for 10 minutes watch your thoughts and write each one down as it occurs. One second you'll be thinking about what you had for breakfast, the next you'll focus on work, and finally you'll remember something your friend said to you two days ago. You see how they are un-related?

Once you begin to build upon a thought, you are connecting separate un-related thoughts into what you believe to be a truth. We connect independent moments of sadness and convince ourselves our life is full of suffering.

We connect thoughts from the past and the future, but rarely enjoy the present. As soon as you find yourself connecting two thoughts, stop. Allow thoughts to come and go with ease.

We create an image of ourselves based on things others have said to us. After a few people compliment us on a certain trait, we believe ourselves to be that. For example, we connect all the times anyone has complimented our gardening skills then label ourselves a good gardener. The minute the garden dies, we become sad. The same holds true when we are repeatedly insulted. We take that as our truth. The reality is that those instances are completely unrelated and independent. We continue living and existing without a certain label.

Our outlook on life works in relation to our perspective. We choose to gather and connect positive moments in our lives and believe we have a great life or we gather and connect the negative independent moments in our lives and believe our life has been miserable. Neither of these is true.

Take for example the person who is recently promoted in his or her job. This person's outlook on life is marvelous! He's in a wonderful mood and everything seems brighter. Now imagine this person getting laid off. How do you think he's looking at the world now? He's probably miserable and convinces himself that life is full of suffering and nothing good ever comes to him. The world hasn't changed from one instant to the other. Only his perspective has changed. He begins to connect all the negative instances that have occurred in his life to build his argument that the world is cruel. In reality those instances have no relation to each other.

Keep your thoughts separate and simply watch them as they come and go. Don't connect two thoughts. You'll find resistance at the beginning as your ego will do its best to convince you otherwise. The greatest Masters and Gurus live blissfully and in the moment. They have discovered and shared this proven method to blissfulness."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walking Through the Storm

Greetings Again!  There are moments while on my spiritual journey I feel like a lost ship being tossed back and forth in a traitorous ocean storm. Not knowing when the swirling sea around me will calm down or if it will swallow me alive. I am sure you have felt the same way while traveling the trail of faith. The following is from a daily inspirational thought by Joel Osteen that a friend passed on to me....  I am thankful that no matter how the storm may rage... that I have God to guide me.  Trusting and Believing are the key... Open your mind and be inspired... God is good!

Walking Through the Storm

Today’s Verse:
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me" (Psalm 23:4, NIV)

Today’s Word:
Everyone faces the storms of life. Sometimes we have the faith to be delivered from the storms instantly; sometimes we have the faith to walk through the storms. But no matter which route you take, you can be sure that God is right there with you. He will equip you and sustain you. He will give you the grace, the supernatural empowerment, to make it through.
Today, maybe you are facing a storm and can’t quite see a way out. Maybe you’re not sure what the answer is. All you have to do is take it one step at a time by saying, “God, I know You have a good plan for my future.” “God, I am doing better today than I was yesterday.” “God, I know You are leading and guiding me.” With every step you take, know that God is doing a work in your life. Know that He is with you, and He will comfort you. Keep moving forward. Keep taking those steps of faith and keep walking through the storm into the place of victory He has prepared for you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping Your Spirits Up While Unemployed

Greetings Again!  Unemployment!  Not a favorite topic of many...  I know first hand the difficult task of facing the unemployment  line. Many of my close friends and family have been affected in some way with the ever changing job market of today.... I am sure you know someone or maybe even you have been greatly stressed and overwhelmed by a recent job loss.  First on our agenda to the road to recovery is to allow God and the spirit to take control.  Trusting and knowing that there is a greater power in control can be comforting. That trust can also allow us time to focus on something greater as we look for that next important  job opportunity in life!  Trust and Believe!

Keeping Your Spirits Up While Unemployed

Are You Unemployed? Here Are Ideas to Help Keep Your Spirits Up

Abigail Beal
Being unemployed can be very stressful. It can also cause many people to feel depressed, even if they are not typically the type of people prone to this emotion. There are some things you can do to help yourself feelbetter if you are unemployed and feeling a little down.

Have contact with people every day
Unemployment can be isolating. There can be days when you do not have a job interview or another type of an appointment. You can wind up spending the entire day by yourself. This can make you feel very isolated, because the typical employed person is used to working in an office environment interacting with people. As an unemployed person it can be very helpful to create social interaction wherever you can. Go to the gym or out for a walk into town. Call a friend or family member for a chat. Do something that ensures that you will not spend the entire day by yourself.

Expose your mind to new things
Learning new things will boost your confidence and may help your job hunt. If you don’t have a library card, then sign up for one – they are free or low cost in most communities. Consider taking a class or two at a local state or community college, or even high school sponsored continuing education. You could learn some new computer skills or develop a new hobby. You will also meet some new people, who just might know about job openings. You never know who will know someone!

Listen to and view inspiring things
If you are feeling down – then being exposed to media that make you feel even worse isn’t going to be helpful. This is a great time to watch comedy or romantic movies. Many have said for a long time that laughter is the best medicine. Or watch nature specials, these can be very soothing. Read books that inspire you, such as Chicken Soup for the Soup – they have an entire series of books of inspirational stories of real people’s experiences. Many of which have been through pretty tough times and they’ve had things turn around for them.

Consider volunteer work

Helping others can actually make you feel better. It can lift your spirits and give your self-esteem a well-needed boost. There are so many types of volunteer projects to select from, that there is sure to be something that will appeal to your personality and your skills. Consider volunteering with your local schools, hospital, YMCA, museum or children’s center. Think of causes that concern you and there is sure to be an organization that addresses this need.

Reach out for resources
Some people have trouble asking for help, they feel disappointed that they are in a position to need help and other times they just don’t know where to turn. Know whatever your problem is, there is certainly someone who can help you solve it. If you are feeling depressed, you may need professional help. A great person to speak to is your doctor for a referral to someone. Look for a support group for job hunters in your community. If you are feeling frustrated with your job hunt, then a visit to a career counselor may be in order. Your college or high school will probably have free help available to you, consider looking into this first. The Department of Labor has career counselors that are available at no charge, they can help go over your resume and talk about your concerns. Call your local office for an appointment.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Good About Your Future

10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Good About Your Future

Work Stress Getting You Down?

Slate Stone, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sep 7, 2006

"If you have ever felt over-worked, over-committed, under-paid and unappreciated and burnt out, you probably feel like a lot of people do at their job. But don't worry, there are simple ways you can overcome work-related stress.
Work place stress is indeed stressful. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is the federal agency that is responsible for research and related to work-related illness and injury, 40 percent of job turn over is due to becoming burned out.

Work-related stress leads to poor mental and physical health which in turn creates on the job injuries. If you suffer from ulcers, back and neck pain and migraines which you believe is created by your stressful job, then it is time to take a look at what you can do to remedy the situation.

1. Allow yourself enough time to get ready for your commute to work. If you wake up early enough, you can make a point of devoting 5 to 10 minutes each morning to either meditate or sit still in a quiet place in your home to release your mental stress and get centered as you tell yourself you can handle the day ahead with ease. If you believe it, you will achieve it. Tell yourself this enough times and you will make it come true.

2. When commuting to work, listen to relaxing and uplifting music, so long as it doesn't make you sleepy or distracted and you are capable of driving safely. Your chosen music would be far better than hearing negative news or be at the mercy of commercial radio talking which can be stress inducing.

3. Bring yourself a special tea or hot chocolate mix to work, so you can enjoy it during break time. Looking forward to something small and pampering will help alleviate stress.

4. Make an effort to learn something new every day about a co-worker and compliment them on something you truly feel you admire about their personality or work ethic or integrity. You will find you feel good when you make others feel good as well. This works wonders in reducing work stress.

5. When something feels negative or stressful at work, practice a mental exercise to change your perception. The mind is powerful. Instead of judging a situation or person on past concepts and negative experiences,allow yourself to see a given situation in favorable light. For example, if a coworker is going to be absent from work, and you have to deal with a heavier workload, instead of seeing how much harder your job is that day, think about the Golden Rule and how when one day you are out sick or on vacation, your co-worker will be your lifesaver by taking care of such good detail and instructions.

6. Make a point to stay out of office politics. The work place often encourages gossiping and talking behind people's backs in a negative light. This will only drag you down mentally. If Bob tries to provoke you into agreeing with them, and they are saying something negative about James, you can say something to the effect of "I understand how you could feel that way, but look at it this way, Bob (and fill in the blank) and say something kind about James. If you establish a pattern of not participating in office politics and negative gossip, people will avoid that aspect of conversation with you or even better is you will have a positive effect on the entire office environment because you will be getting others to share your positive thoughts.

7. Be aware of your body language and facial expressions with both co workers, superiors and customers and clients. Smile often, make eye contact and show interest in what people say to you, and communicate articulately and exude confidence. You are often a mirror to the people you deal with. If you act stressed, they will act stressed. If you act compassionate and competent, you will tend to view those qualities in the person you are speaking with to. The power of positive thinking will ALWAYS benefit you and make you feel less stress.

8. Take 10 minutes a day to organize your office. When your papers and emails are sorted and your work space is neat, you will feel good about your work environment and won't experience stress or chaos over your physical surrounding. It will give you a sense of control about your space and knowledge of where everything you need , is.

9. Even if you don't leave work for lunch, take a short walk to clear your head and get a little exercise and fresh air. You will feel the stress being released from your body.

10. Instead of procrastinating, take an unpleasant or stressful task and either break it into smaller steps or see if you can delegate some of the work or offer to help a coworker with something they find unpleasant inexchange for help with your task. You might be great at math but hate taking pictures and your coworker would love to help you lay out that newsletter and add snazzy pictures in exchange for a second opinion over their budget analysis. You will learn over time what people like most about their jobs and you will find equitable trade-offs for helping each other. Taking bigger stressful tasks and breaking them into smaller tasks, will give you a sense of control in being able to manage the big picture.

If after taking the above steps and making a sincere effort you still feel your job is overwhelmingly stressful, then don't allow yourself to become depressed over it. If you want a different job, you know you can find one, or you can take the plunge to become self employed. You do have control over your life and remember the next job may not be perfect either, so spend the time necessary to explore your options, and create a list of what is most important to you in life. getting a less stressful job that pays far less could be worth it, if you are willing to reduce your expenses and make other life changes necessary to accommodate that decision. Don't make any hurried decisions and speak to other people you know, who have changed jobs and see what they sacrificed and gained in the process. Know yourself and what you can handle and be willing to adapt. A job is only as important as you make it. A job is only as rewarding as you allow it to be. You may have thought you wanted to leave your current stressful job, but if you give it a chance in a whole new light and positive perception, it might turn out to be more comfortable and exciting than you previously imagined. Whatever you decide, following these 10 steps will make your current job more bearable and you will learn that taking action and thinking positively WILL improve your situation. Good luck in all your decisions, and remember, tomorrow is another day! "