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5 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

Greetings! Breakups! A subject that we all would like to avoid... But as you know sometimes it is necessary. When a split happens between a couple many emotions are involved. Sometimes it is relief and other times it feels like total devastation. The following is a short list of tips of how to get over a breakup... When it relationship comes to an end it important to take care of yourself and let your spirit heal... Trust God and know you will survive!

5 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

"Breakups are never easy—especially when you've been dumped. Being dumped can be one of the worst feelings in the world. You may end up feeling very depressed and overwhelmed. The following are a few
suggestions which may help.

1). Take care of yourself. Don't turn to drugs and/or alcohol for comfort, as this will only make the depression worse. Exercise is a far better alternative. Exercise is a natural antidepressant, and a great way to relieve stress. Exercise will also help you get in shape, boost your confidence, and make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex (when you are ready to start dating again).

2). Don't dwell on the past. This is easier said than done... However, obsessing over the person and what went wrong, blaming yourself, etc, will not do any good. All you can really do is learn from the experience, and move on. Try to find activities to keep your mind occupied (particularly activities that don't remind you of your ex).

3). Get out of the house. Sitting at home and becoming a hermit will only depress you more. It is important during this period to spend time with your friends and family. Relaxing and having a fun time with them can help take your mind off things, and help you realize you're still an important person to many. It can help remind you that there's more to life than just your ex.

4). Try not to jump into another relationship too quickly. We've all heard that term, "on the rebound," and there is some truth to it. If you start dating someone else too soon, your judgment may not be as good, as you may be trying to fill a void in your life or find someone to cure the sadness you're still experiencing. However, having said that... If you do happen to meet someone exceptional or extraordinary, don't let them pass you by! Sometimes "the one" can come at the time you least expect it, so if someone extra special comes into your life, don't push them out. If you think you might want to date them, just take things slow.

5). Put yourself first. Don't get in the mindset of wishing you were good enough for the person who dumped you. Instead, tell yourself that the person who dumped you is not good enough for you. Though it may
sound a little cliché, you have to love yourself. If you don't love yourself, you can't really love someone else.

Once again, some if not all of the above is at times easier said than done. However, they are a vital part of a healthy emotional recovery. A good emotional recovery can help you focus on yourself, and be more prepared for the next relationship that comes your way. "

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May 2011 Event Dates! =)

Hey Everyone! The following is a list of Dates for May 2011! Mark your calendars! I would be more than happy to meet with you for a private session. Sincere Peace! Dave

MAY 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Endless Summer
Private Sessions 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday May 14, 2011
Hilde's Gallery

12:00noon - 3:00pm - Private Sessions Available!
Bellevue Blossoms Event!

Friday, May 20, 2011
Hilde's Gallery

Private Sessions Available! 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Hamilton, Ohio - Private Event!
1:00pm - 6:00pm

Friday 27, 2011
Washington Square Cafe and Catering - Burlington, Kentucky

"Twilight Sessions" Private Sessions Available! 5:00pm - 9:30 pm

"Now Booking June and July Dates!"
Book a private "Explore the Spirit!" gathering for friends and family
or a gathering for private one on one sessions!
"Intuitive Direction for Those Seeking Answers in Their Life!" and at

How Paint Colors Can Make Us Feel

Hello Again! It is amazing how the color of paint can effect our mood. There are many shades that can make us feel up beat or down in the dumps. Refresh your Spirit the next time you paint. Do the research! What color makes you happy? Sincere Peace! =)

How Paint Colors Can Make Us Feel

Paint Colors Can Effect Our Feelings
Sharon Lynn

"The colors of paint have been known to change the way we feel when we walk into a room. Paint colors are used on our walls and to decorate our rooms. The paint colors we choose can have an effect on how we feel and have
been known to change our moods. Before painting and decorating the rooms in your home you should consider what color of paint you should put in each room. Here are some colors of paints that we use to paint the walls in our homes and how they can make us feel. Starting with the color yellow it is a sunny, warm, happy color that welcomes you when you come into a room. It is bright and will capture your attention very fast. Many people don't like yellow because it is so bright but this color comes in many shades and can be toned down to make your rooms look beautiful. Many people use this color in rooms that are dark to give some light to these area.

Orange is a another color that is also warm and inviting. It gives us a welcoming feeling when we walk into a room. Many people enjoy using shades of the color orange in their living rooms because of it being such a friendly color. The color red packs a big punch of color in a room. It is a color with a lot of energy. It is a romantic color that can give people feelings of romance. It has been known to increase your appetite. And many restaurants choose red as a paint color just for this reason. People like putting the color of red in their dining room area. The color green is a soothing and relaxing color for your home. This color can come in many shades and is used for many rooms in your home such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining areas because of its neutral calming feeling. The color green is also known to be used in a lot in businesses.

The color blue is a cooler color making us feel at ease and calm. Blue is used for bedrooms because of the peaceful feeling that it can give us. Colors such as violet or purple are not used too much because it is not a
color we normally would think of to use in our home. Children tend to like violet more then adults for painting their rooms. And this color is used more in a child's room. The colors we choose to paint our homes can make a difference on the way we feel. We should think of each color before painting the rooms in our homes. Whatever paint colors you choose for your home you can get these colors toned down and in different shades so you are sure to find the right color you are looking for."

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Private Sessions - Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello Everyone! I will be at Washington Square Cafe and Catering in Burlington, Kentucky this coming Saturday. April 30, 2011 1:00pm - 6:00pm There are a few spots let for private one on one sessions! Sincere Peace! Dave

6 Fun Ways to Lighten Up Your Mood

Hello Friends! Let's face it... We all need our mood lightened now and then.. =) There are moments while on our spiritual journey where the road can grow dark and cold. This is the time when we need to focus on the God and the Spirit to lighten the mood. The fact of the matter is... our mood will not always be the best, but if we have faith and believe... change can happen! Sincere Peace!

6 Fun Ways to Lighten Up Your Mood

The Pen

"Even the happiest person is bound to have a bad mood everyone once in a while. Most people can usually shake them off easily, but sometimes when you have a particularly nasty encounter with someone, or you just didn't get your way you might feel resigned to stay in a funk all day long. But that's not so, and if you'd like to feel better you can. Here's 6 ways to quickly shake off a bad mood.

1. Turn on some music. Music is amazing and can be therapeutic because it just makes people feel better. If you're in a bad mood you can listen to soothing classical or jazz music to calm you down and take your mind off of what made you angry in the first place.

If you're not in a classical mood you can listen to a fun pop song and dance crazily around the room to crack yourself up. Or if you need to be uplifted, put on an empowering power ballad and sing along at the top of your lungs to feel stronger. If you need to get some rage out listen to heavy metal or anything by the rapper Eminem and rock out.

If you don't have music readily available sing your favorite song to yourself or just dance around a room and you'll lighten your bad mood instantly.

2. Watch one of your favorite comedies. If you're at home and you feel a nasty mood coming on just pop in a DVD of your favorite comedies. As soon as the movie gets underway and you start to concentrate on the plot your mood will brighten because you'll be distracted. And when the funny scenes begin, you'll start laughing which will make you feel physically better because it release the tension and stress out of your body.

3. Take a lesson from kids and go out and play. First of all playing is fun and it makes you feel good. Secondly it will make your problems seem smaller or completely irrelevant so mood will instantly lighten up. If it's sunny outside go play one of your favorite sports, or if it's raining just dance and skip in the rain. If you can't find an adult to play with ask some kids to play with you, they will be more enthusiastic and will have more fun than adults anyway, and you'll feel much better being around their light spirits.

4. Eat one of your favorite treats. One of the easiest ways to lighten up your mood is to eat something that you really love. Treat yourself to a caramel sundae or a decadent piece of chocolate cake or whatever it is
that floats your boat. Eat it in a soothing and relaxing environment and be sure to really take your time to savor the flavors and textures instead of rushing through it because you'll enjoy it more. Note: Make this tip an occasional habit, not an every day one.

5. Hang out with your fun friends. If you're in a bad mood one of the easiest ways to lift it is to hang out with friends who are light hearted and who you always have a good time with.

6. Smile, even if you don't feel like smiling. The action of smiling continuously will trick your mind into thinking that you have something to smile about and your mood will change. Plus smiling just feels better than frowning."

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"She Was Still in This Space" New Testimonial - Part 2

She Was Still In This Space

New Testimonial - Part 2

"The Mystery of My Bathroom Door"

"Hello everyone! Remember me? I am the lady with the mysterious bathroom door which kept closing on it’s own.

Well I had a spiritual gathering at my home in Hamilton, Ohio on March 26, 2011 and it was quite a spiritually successful event thanks to Dave and his gifts of insight and special knowledge which he receives from God.

I had a full house of guests who had each come to have individual meetings with Dave. They had been anticipating this event for several weeks and were so very excited when the day finally came. None were disappointed.

I had my very own personal adventure when Dave entered my house to prepare for the gathering. I took him up to the master bathroom where my mysterious lady had been closing the door because she had not been active for a couple of weeks. I was afraid she had decided to leave. You see, I had become rather use to her being there and was sad that perhaps she had left. Dave assured me she was still in this space, that she was just dormant for some reason. Oddly, during the day of the gathering, she decided to close the door one time more. Since the gathering, she has, once again, been dormant and has only closed the door a few times. This lets me know that she is still with us but maybe has grown use to us as well. This is my guess and I continue to let her know that she is still welcome.

The room that we used for the gathering has several old family pictures in it. One particular picture was that of my maternal great grandparents. Dave noticed it right away and asked if I would mind removing it during his time in the room as they were “Questioning why he was there.” He said that, “Something was going on when that picture was taken.” I didn’t mind at all, as a matter of fact, it didn’t surprise me as the photo is a rather spooky looking turn of the century pose where the couple is looking straight forward, unsmiling and a most unpleasant look on both of their faces. I am sure you can all see it in your minds eye. Everyone has most likely seen an old picture exactly like that at one point in time. Also in that room is a late 1800’s travel trunk which also belonged to that same great grandfather. When the day was done Dave informed me that he had used his coat to cover the trunk and he had to sort of push the table a little closer to the trunk to let my great grandfather know that he (Dave) was going to be using that space for the time. I asked Dave if I should bring the picture back into the room. He told me that the picture was part of me and part of who I was and that it would be up to me but that they would be “watching me.” This does not surprise me having heard the family history on my maternal side over these many years. The photo rests peacefully in a drawer downstairs. This trunk is now in the basement by the bookcase.

Everyone who had a meeting with Dave at the gathering (there were nine plus myself) were all so thrilled with his accuracy. One of the girls received a phone call a couple of hours after her meeting, while she was still at my house which confirmed what Dave assured her was going to occur.
A woman whom I had not seen for many years but came with another friend, was so pleased and so happy with her meeting. She feels so blessed that God put Dave in contact with her. Dave brings God’s blessings to others in so many ways.

One of my friends feels that Dave has helped her see where she needs to makes necessary changes and she has started doing that. Her comment when she came down the steps “He’s right on, man he is awesome.”

My daughter was there. She has actually had several meetings with Dave. Without his spiritual support she would have had some difficulty making it through these last few months since December. His words gave her hope. I actually marked my calendar to see if some of his timelines were accurate and let me tell you – YES THEY ARE! ( you know how mothers can be)

My friends, these many weeks later, are still talking about the accuracy of Dave’s words, remarks, and timelines. Above all they feel that his faith and giving credit to God is what makes him strong and a power to be listened to. Everyone who attended the gathering left with the knowledge that they had obtained some information, experienced something out of the ordinary that they had never experienced before, and that Dave had made them each a stronger person.

By the way, as a footnote: my father died 45 years ago . It broke my heart which has never really healed. Dave was able to see him in that room that day along with two other individuals (another man and a woman).. he told me that daddy was at peace and doing well and that he was with me. I loved hearing that and I thank Dave for letting me know that."

Peace and God’s love to all of you!

Becky Bullio

REPOST TESTIMONIAL! - "The Mystery of My Bathroom Door"

"My first meeting with Dave was December 3, 2010. At my daughter’s urging I had gone to see him for a spiritual reading. I had spent a lifetime being wary of this type of situation but in the first few minutes Dave put me at ease by explaining that his spiritual talents come completely from God and that God is the reason he is able to see, hear and explain all the he does.

Dave nailed my personality so quickly it made me sit back in my chair. He was able to define certain aspects of my life and situations that were occurring and that I should listen to my “gut” and let God work with me. I felt so much better after that first meeting, it was as if a large burden had been lifted from my entire self.

Shortly after that first meeting I noticed a strange occurrence at my home. My husband and I have lived in this home for nearly 12 years and nothing of this nature has ever happened before. This is what made me “sit up and take notice” of the situation. On infrequent occasions with no pattern of occurrence we would find that our upstairs bathroom door had silently and mysteriously closed on it’s own. It didn’t happen every day, maybe one. two or three times a day. We would come home to find it shut or we would be downstairs and go upstairs and there it was silently closed with no explanation. Days would go by and this action did not occur. I began to get curious. One day, while I was on the other side of the bathroom brushing my teeth I watched the door just slowly, peacefully close before my eyes. At first, I was afraid and after a fitful night’s sleep, I went into the bathroom and welcomed this spirit into my home. I figured it had to be a gentle spirit due to the way in which I witnessed the door closing. I assumed a violent entity would have slammed the door with anger. This never happened.

My husband looked for a scientific explanation until one morning I heard him call from the bathroom,” the door is closing, come up here.” I found him across the room with his razor in his hand behind the closed bathroom door. I went to the basement, retrieved a level and put it on the top of the door. The door is perfectly level, no problems there.

My next meeting with Dave was January 7, 2011. I began to relay my story slowly when suddenly he stopped me and informed that this was a female who had attached herself to me and gone home with me for some reason. This women had been ill, had passed in a facility where there were many ill people. That she was somewhat mixed up or had some confusion going on mentally. I will tell you right now that I am a registered nurse and I have worked in geriatric facility for 10 years. He let me know that she is very comfortable where she is right now but she isn’t sure where she is. He told me not to be surprised if things move around or get misplaced that we would find them or they would turn up. This news was exciting and somewhat “oh my goodness what do I do “ at the same time. I went home and shared this with my husband and when I told him that things may move around or get misplaced he suddenly put his head in his hands and lowered it between his knees. When he came back up for air he looked at me and said, “ I didn’t want to say anything but the cough syrup on the window sill has moved four more times across the window sill".” You see he had been nursing a cold and had kept the cough syrup on the left side of the window sill. He kept finding it moved to the right of the window sill. He has not mentioned looking for a scientific explanation again.

Dave’s ability to see into someone’s personality and use God’s influence and power to help each person see their “better self” is unbelievable. I have hope now that really has been within me but not drawn upon for such a long time. His advice to listen to and follow my “gut” has been some of the best advice I have ever received and I hang onto that daily. As for the woman in my bathroom.. I draw comfort every time I come upstairs and see that bathroom door closed."

Becky Bullio

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The 365 Days Rule for Worry-Free Days
How to Obtain Worry-free Days. is it Attainable?


"What is this, really? I name it the 365 Days Rule. In our daily lives, we are often worrying about anything and everything. Whenever we feel down, we should try to abide by this rule. I came out with this myself and
feels that it's really important to have worry-free days. This is the general thumb-rule. Not everyday are we going to be angry, sad, get worried and many more. Not the whole year, to be honest. Therefore, whenever we are stressed out, or feeling any of the emotions I've mentioned, we should take a breather, and outweigh the emotions against the 365 days rule. Say we have been angry for 3 days now. Say to yourself that you are only going to get angry around a fraction of the year and that the anger will be over soon.

I find this method to be super effective. That leaves a lot of room for myself to recuperate and get a whole lot of perspective too. No one is perfect and so, no day is too. Not everyday will we be happy and super positive. We need to have those moments of resentment and angry emotions build and boiling up. It doesn't mean that when you have been sad or angry and depressed for a few weeks right up to a month or so, those feelings are going to last.

Tell yourself that it is not the end of the world and better days are going to come. Our everyday lives are colorful like the rainbow. Each and every one of our memories and experiences make us a better person so that we could analyze them ourselves. And we live in circumstances whereby we cannot control others emotions, feelings and especially attitude towards us. We can only control so much in life and try not to make things crumbling down. Therefore, with this rule in place, you can try and train your mind to have better, positive thoughts for the sake of your healthy mind. With this in mind, we can definitely try to make the upcoming days a bit up-tempo and not worry about a thing. That's because we know that whatever happens, will happen and we will try to make the best out of everything.

Even if we are told worrying things about to come, we should relax, take a deep breath and just let it out. Just let it be. The world will run by itself and we have a part in order to control our mind, or for its
well-being. In other words, we cannot possibly be stress-free for the whole year; that would be kind of weird and probably not give you any kinds of challenges at all. Life is more meaningful when you can beat the stress and the problem and get over it totally. "

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Journaling For Stress Management"

Hello Again! Lets face it! Stress can be a major part of our life at times.. It is up to us to find ways to help cope and alleviate many of the unnecessary stresses that can bring our spirit down. Journaling is a wonderful way to manage "the out of control" times in our life. Taking a few moments out of the our daily schedules to write down thoughts can be very healthy and healing to our body, mind, soul and spirit. Enjoy this article by Tonia Hooper. Take control over the stress in your life! Your Spirit will be happy! =)

Journaling For Stress Management

Tonia Hooper

"Stress is an issue everyone deals with on some level, and at some point in their life, no matter what their education level is or what kind of occupation they hold. Finding ways to effectively deal with stress, also known as 'stress management', is the key to not letting stress consume you and take over your life. The world today is changing dramatically, in so many areas such as the economy, socially, environmental issues, etc. Keeping a journal of your thoughts, experiences, feelings, dreams, and much more can be an effective stress management tool, it can actually be a form a therapy (free therapy!). Reducing stress levels offers many benefits. Although, it is not practical to think that you are going to magically erase all stress from your life, you can lower your stress level, keeping a personal journal is one such way. Below are some ways a personal journal will benefit you:

• Strengthened immune system - preventing a multitude of illnesses

• Improved cognitive thinking skills

• Allows you to work through traumatic events in your life

• Healing of emotional scars

• Can serve as a "life history" for future generations

• Allows clarification of thoughts and feelings

• Helps you stay focused and organized

• Prevents you from forgetting an important idea

• Trains your brain to be more observant

• Helps you to review the lessons you have learned

• Allows you to track your progress on goals

• Help you to create a "life purpose statement" for your life

• Create a better balanced life

Obviously, the first step is to buy a journal, but you should first think what kind of journal you would be keeping. Your journal can be about something specific, such as a spiritual journal, pregnancy journal, parenting journal, a study journal, or just a general journal about your daily life. Second, you should think about what journal format would work best, you could try some different options to see what the right fit is for you, whether it is a physical notebook, your computer or a tape recorder.

Steps to beginning your journaling process:

• Determine the type of journal- get your journal.

• Make time for yourself every day to write in your journal. The best time for you may be first thing in the morning before you start your day; or the end of your day just before turning in, you may want to reflect on your day and write down what happened, how you feel, any goals you are working towards, and so on.

• Find a quite place to write where you will be undisturbed. Remember this is your time. You need to give yourself some "me time" everyday so that you will be at your best to take care of the ones you love, and those who depend on you.

• Begin writing! Do not spend time thinking what to write- just write. Write about the things that are on your mind, this will allow those worries and fears to be in black and white and free your mind for other things. Sometimes putting our concerns and problems down on paper helps us to gain a different perspective and possibly find solutions that we may not have seen otherwise.

Below are some topics to help get you started:

1. Your dreams

2. Specific goals- this is a good way to self-check your progress

3.Your purpose in life

4. Childhood memories

5. What you would do if you won the lottery

6. The things you are grateful for and why you are grateful

7. The best and worst days of your life

8. Your career life

9. The best thing that happened to you today, and the worst. Then write how those events made you feel.

10. Ideas for things you want to do, places you want to, etc.

11. What did you accomplish today?

12. Areas of your life that you would like to improve and why

13. What actions you will take to make the life improvements you desire

As you can see, there are endless subject matters- the important thing is to start writing.

• Do not worry about neatness or grammar- just get your thoughts on paper;

• Be consistent- try to carve out some quiet time every day to record your thoughts. By scheduling time for yourself every day to write you will find it easier than trying to randomly find a few minutes here and there;

• Ask yourself these questions- What would like to most be remembered for? What would you like to tell your children and grandchildren about yourself and your life?

It is not so much about what you write in your journal, but rather what you get out of writing it. A journal is a confident who keeps your secrets, where you may express yourself freely without fear or rejection.

Remember a journal is much more than a diary; it is the story of your life! Life is a journey - enjoy the ride."

To learn more about how to begin your process of journaling visit the following sites:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Are You Spiritual or Religious?

Greetings Again! I am sure by now you have heard the topic / discussion of "are you spiritual or religious?". Growing up in the church, attending seminary and being ordained many years ago.. I always considered myself a religious person.... As my journey through life continued I became more and more aware of my spiritual side. The side that allowed me to really connect to the spiritual world around me as well as helping others on their personal walk with God. The following is an article by Bonnie Doss-Knight. No matter if you consider yourself spiritual or religious... allow God and the Spirit to be your guide. Sincere Peace!

Are You Spiritual or Religious?

Self Awareness: Getting to Know Yourself

Bonnie Doss-Knight

"Have you noticed a recent trend where some people broadcast to everyone in hearing range, "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual." Are you spiritual or religious? If you consider yourself spiritual, exactly how do you define spirituality? If you define yourself as religious, do you shrug off spirituality as New Age nonsense?

Alternatively, is it possible for a person to be both spiritual and religious? Let's address these questions, with more questions. Most people seek answers to BIG questions, such as "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" In metaphysical language, everything we need to know is within ourselves. The obvious place to begin your inner-journey to self awareness is by getting to "Know Thyself".

Getting to Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is a lifetime journey, often referred to as a spiritual journey. The deeper we journey within, the more we must reconcile that some things are unknowable.

Let's pause a moment and consider this: when we want answers to the greater questions, does it really make a difference whether we are religious or spiritual? One person may kneel in chapel and pray over their questions and another may sit cross-legged in green pastures and chat with Creator.

Viewed from this perspective, is either right or wrong?

Among the highest hurdles when getting to know ourselves is training the conscious mind to quit self identifying.

Let's look at it this way. If you ask a man who he is, he will usually respond: "I am a policeman." (Men self-identify by profession)

Question a woman and she will generally say, "I am married to a policeman and the mother of three children." (Women self-identify with family)

Probe a little further and ask the same man and woman about their personal beliefs. Most respond, "I am religious." Or "I am spiritual."

Are you beginning to see that humans thrive on labels (self-identification)? To really know yourself is to know that you just are.

You are the little "I am", created in the image of the big "I AM". You contain a speck of Spirit and Spirit retains a speck of you. Isn't this two ways of stating the same thing?

Labeling ourselves spiritual or religious is determined by our personal belief system.

Self Awareness

Reaching the desired milestone, where you know that you "just are" segues to "Why am I here?" Make no mistake, what sounds simple in theory is difficult in practice. I walked about 10,000 mental miles, under the tutelage of an enlightened mentor, to reach the simple understanding that "I am". When you attempt to realize your own self awareness, you will find it helpful to seek out a mentor. It may be your pastor, priest or another holy man. It may be a person more spiritually evolved than you are at the moment. Determining why you are here, is in essence, defining your spiritual gift or discerning how you can become a good steward. Again, it takes much dedicated work. Trust Bonnie, you are worth it.

Your Personal Belief System

In your developing years, you were conditioned by parents, teachers and preachers to accept their beliefs as your own. Later, you incorporated your life experiences into the mix. During self awareness work, you may find old beliefs no longer serve. This is not bad or wrong.

While you are getting to know yourself, sit with these questions:

1. Do you know someone who is spiritual? Which of their qualities do you admire? What, if any, traits do they have that appear condescending?

2. Answer the above questions about a person who is religious.

3. Do they try to "cram" their beliefs down your throat? In what way?

4. How do you express your personal belief system in everyday life? How do you serve other people?

5. List any insights you received as a result of this article.

Whether you pursue abstract spiritual realms or study tenets of your chosen religion is a personal choice. Your personal belief system is a personal issue. The next time someone asks, simply smile and say, "I am." Resource: Notes from my journey as a protégée to higher consciousness"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eight Ways to Heal with Music! =)

Hello again! I am sure that you can think of a favorite song or tune that gets your toes tapping and your heart beating.... Maybe it is a song from your childhood, an old church hymn, modern jazz peace or a classic that can stand the test of time. Music is a common thread that can be found around the world. It also used as a tool to heal... the broken hearted... to bring light to the lonely... and joy to the wounded spirit. The following is an article that list 8 ways to heal with music.... If you are going through a difficult time or just searching for a new way to meditate... Try Music... Your spirit, mind, soul and body will be refreshed and renewed! Sincere Peace! =)

Eight Ways to Heal with Music

How to Enjoy Music Therapy for Healing

Co-Creating Health

"If you're suffering anxiety and stress, know that you are not alone. With the financial crisis going on a global scale, plus, the onset of the flu pandemic, we can only worry more. There are so many pain relievers out there that will take out the pain from migraine. What an instant relief, and before we know it - we become addicted to these little miracle pills.

Surely, there are many alternative ways in feeling much better and becoming healthier: from healthy diets, exercises, meditation techniques, aromatherapy, to the very music you listen to. Healing from music may be frowned at by some people who have an innate dislike for classical masterpieces like those of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and many others.

There are innovative ways in getting relief from music therapy. In fact, modern sound therapy is not only relaxing, but it is infused with alpha wave frequencies that are simply soothing. You may not hear it, but your brains can feel it. As defined by the American Music Therapy Association, Music Therapy is an established health care profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapy improves the quality of life for persons who are well and meets the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses.

Music doesn't only heighten your senses, but it can help your mind focus and stay sharp. Rhythm has a calming effect that can promote relaxation and healing, down to the cellular level. When you're worry-free, your body feels like floating in cloud nine. Such wonderful positive feeling is a gift that you can enjoy.

Here are Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Music Therapy:

1. Choose the right music that makes you feel calm and make sure you will love listening to it.

2. Play music that will gradually lift up your spirits, specially when you're feeling depressed.

3. You can choose inspirational or motivational music with a speaker who is guiding you on how to reach a deep state of relaxation.

4. Make sure you're well-prepared to listen. This means you are in a comfortable place and clothing, minus the outside distraction.

5. Listen - without Interruption!

6. Don't just listen to the music, but feel it. Let the sound fill the very core of your being. Imagine energy filling you with each beat, reaching your very cells, healing every damage.

7. Pause and bask in moments of silence after having listened to a great piece.

8. Keep an inspirational journal where you can write your thoughts and feelings after a profound, relaxing session with sound.

Always remember that when you feel good, your body will feel the same. Let the power of music heal you from within. There are plenty of music stores and online downloads that you can purchase at an affordable rate. Some are even giving away full tracks or samplers for you to revel in.

Love Music... Love Health.. "

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tips for Getting Better Sleep!

Hello once again! =) The other day I posted a blog about dreams... Well along with dreaming comes a proper nights sleep... So many of us have troubles getting to sleep or staying asleep. This can become a huge problem in our daily lives. Without adequate rest... our body, mind, soul and spirit begin to weaken. Before you know it ... we start to become dysfunctional. It is important to take care of our health. Trust me when I say I have had many sleepless nights... so I understand the importance of a good nights sleep... The following is an article with tips on how to reach the goal of a well rested night! Refresh Your Mind, Body and Soul. Get some sleep and let your spirit be refreshed! =)

Tips for Getting a Better Sleep

Improve Your Quality of Sleep with These Tips!

Dormer Vance

"Getting a good nights sleep can have a profound affect on how you feel in your daily life. If you aren't sleeping enough you are going to be less productive, more irritable, plus set yourself up for many negative health implications. Ensuring that you are meeting your sleep needs is vital if you want to live a long and healthy life. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when trying to improve the quality of your sleep.

1. Keep your room dark.

It is important that you keep your room dark to ensure that you do not wake up from your sleep repeatedly during the night. Buying a good set of blinds will help serve this purpose. Upon waking it is best to let some light in as soon as you can as this will help your improve your natural circadian rhythm. Waking up in total darkness will only promote further sleepiness feelings.

2. Don't eat a heavy meal before you try and sleep.

Digestion is a very energy consuming process and eating heavy food right before bed is going to cause the body to divert a great deal of blood to your stomach therefore making it harder for you to fall asleep. Your best bet is to consume a light snack with some carbohydrates in it. Carbohydrates help the body to release a chemical called serotonin, which will help to put you into a more relaxed and sleepy state. Milk also contains a substance called tryptophan that will also help to aide your sleep process. Foods high in fat, on the other hand, tend to keep you awake so it's best to avoid these as much as possible before sleep.

3. Write your worries down before going to sleep.

Many people will lie in bed at night worrying about various aspects of their life. This will provide a great deal of brain stimulation and keep them awake for hours into the night. It is definitely not an ideal situation to promote sleep. Instead, take 5 minutes before you go to sleep to write down any worries you may have and tell yourself you will read your list in the morning and come up with solutions. Then hopefully you can lay your mind to rest when your head hits your pillow.

4. Avoid Caffeine for 3-6 hours before sleep.

Most people already know about this technique however some do not realize that caffeine can come from sources other than coffee and tea. Remember that dark colas and chocolate both contain caffeine so consuming these before sleep could potentially keep you awake if your body is sensitive to this substance. Play around with your diet for a week by eliminating certain caffeine containing foods or beverages at different times during the day and see how you react with regards to your sleep. This will allow you to determine your individual responsiveness when it comes to caffeine.

5. Stop exercising at least 3 hours before you attempt to sleep.

While exercise can promote a restful sleep, doing so close to when you hope to go to bed can do the opposite. Whenever you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins which serve to stimulate your central nervous system and put you in a more alert state. This is not going to be conducive to a good sleep and will likely keep you up for hours into the night. Instead try a morning or mid-afternoon workout. Doing so will provide you with energy throughout the day and then help you fall asleep faster since you will be more physically tired.

So next time you wake up in the morning feeling a little less then rested from your sleep take these 5 factors into account. Make sure you are doing everything you can to promote a restful and complete sleep so you can function and feel your best during your day."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Interpret Your Dreams =0

How to Interpret Your Dreams Understand Yourself by Paying Attention to Your Dreams Kathy Eastwood

"Many people think our dreams are so mysterious and sometimes freighting. But once you know what they are and what they can tell us, you will be surprised to see how simple they really are and helpful.

Everyone dreams. We may not remember them as they tend to disappear as soon as we wake up. Keeping a dream journal will help you not only remember your dreams, but can help you understand the messages that all dreams have in common.

A dream journal can be in the form of a simple notebook kept on your nightstand or a tape recorder. Once you are awaken, think of what you dreamed and immediately record or write the dream down.

Don't attempt to analyze the dream as you write but go back and read or listen to it when you have the time. Always write in the first person as this will keep you more focused.

Understand that our minds are constantly busy. Often things that we do, say or hear goes unnoticed in our everyday life, yet it is still there, hidden away. We generally concentrate on the things that we consider important. Driving to work, concentration on the jobs we do, grocery shopping and paying attention to the kids etc.

Emotions also tend to be censored in our everyday life. Society dictates a certain amount of decorum. You may be upset at your boss or he/she made you angry. But you kept your mouth shut so as not to be cited for insubordination. This could be revisited later in your dreams.

By analyzing your dreams, you can come to terms with difficult issues and perhaps find a way to deal with them. Simply by identifying the issues in your dreams will help.

Dreams are not always clear cut. We tend to dream in the abstract. Losing teeth for example is a type of frustration dream. Looking for something, trying to get somewhere important only to find that the floor has turned to rubber and you can't get to where you need to be are all frustrations, generally from real life that you haven't paid attention to yet.

There are some common dreams that everyone has experienced. Flying, for example, is common in childhood and not very common in adulthood. Flying is usually a sign of freedom. In normal childhood, we generally are not concerned with too much responsibility. Children are fed and housed and hopefully, loved and parents helped us in a lot of ways, or we had a favorite relative or a good friend we could always rely on.

Once we have morphed into the teenage years, school work becomes a responsibility and our responsibility keeps increasing as we morph into adulthood. The flying dreams disappear.

So start paying attention to your dreams. Write them down or record them. Go back and look or listen to your dreams. Write down the particulars you remember, colors, smells and people. Pay attention if you are an obsrver, participant or both. Most important, write down how you felt in the dream. Anger, fear, happiness etc are all important in finding out what your dream means.

Often, you will find your dreams forming a pattern. Are you frustrated a lot? Is there a fear you need to deal with? Your dreams can tell you this.

Finding out about yourself is the first step in understanding yourself and how you deal with different aspects of your life.

In many articles on dream interpretation, authors will attempt to talk about the symbols of dreams and what they mean. There are many symbols in dreams, but they are particular to your situation and do not mean the same thing to others. For example, the psychologist Jung saw a snake in a dream of a female and determined that it must be about sex. A snake would take on a completely different meaning to a person who raises snakes, has a fear of them or a love of them.

The one thing to remember is not to attach too much significance to symbols or think about complicated meanings. Common sense should rule.

Many times a dream is straight forward. If you are throwing rocks at your mother in law, chances are that you are angry with her. At least the dream is telling you that you are angry and that you should recognize that you are angry. Dreams are not judgmental; they are just showing you what is concerning you and sometimes what you need to be concerned about.

A dream dictionary may be a good buy, but only as a reference point. Dream dictionaries should be used as a guide and often will trigger an explanation of the dream.

Paying attention to dreams is a way to get to know yourself and what you want in life and it's fun. "