Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011 Event/Session Dates!

March 2011!
Dave Neal Adams - Spiritual Advisor/Visionary Life Coach

Hello Everyone! ... The following is a list of upcoming dates of events and private sessions for March 2011 ... If you are interested in holding a private gathering or scheduling a private session please contact me to set up a time and date... Thank you again for your continued support. Sincere Blessings and Peace in 2011.
Dave Neal Adams

"Now Booking May and June Dates!"
Book a private "Explore the Spirit!" gathering for friends and family
or a gathering for private one on one sessions!
"Intuitive Direction for Those Seeking Answers in Their Life!"

Contact Dave at for private sessions or information. Visit for calendar and other updates!

"Reconnect to Your Spirit in 2011"

March 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011
Shop Bellevue - First Friday!
Interior Visions - 5:00pm - 9:00pm Private Sessions Available!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Endless Summer
Private Sessions Available! 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Friday, March 18, 2011
Interior Visions
3:30pm - 6:30pm Private Sessions Availalble!

Saturday, March , 2011
Washington Square Cafe and Catering - Burlington, Kentucky
Private Sessions Available! To Be Announced

Saturday March 26, 2011
Private Event! "Explore the Spirit!"
Hamilton, Ohio


"Explore the Spirit!"

"Explore the Spirit" is a an intimate gathering designed to examine the different beliefs of spirituality. We are all on a spiritual journey! This is a time to discuss and explore the unknown world that surrounds us. Is there life after death? Where does our spirit go when we die? Is there a heaven, hell, or a place beyond? Are there Angels and demons surrounding us? These are just a few questions that will be explored. Dave Neal Adams will help us explore and share his own experiences as well as other testimonials of the unexplainable. Join us on this journey of exploration.

Small gatherings of 15 recommended for a 3 hour time period.

"One on One"
Private Sessions!

After the "Explore the Spirit" gathering some groups schedule a follow up date to have private one on one sessions with Dave.

Go to or email Dave at for scheduling or other information.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NEW TESTIMONIAL! - "We Did Recognize Her!"

"I met Dave Neal Adams when I moved into an older building in Bellevue, Kentucky. My now husband and I were remodeling and became Dave’s neighbor. As I was getting to know Dave, he came up to see what we’d done with the apartment on the second floor. He told me that he saw an energy of a woman of prostitution being assaulted in a front part of our bedroom in an area that is now a closet. He described the room as it once was. This was the first I’d learned of Dave’s gift. The Bellevue, KY Police Chief later told my husband and I that our home was once the center of a very rough section of town. He told us it was known for violence, prostitution, and drugs.

In other times Dave has been in our art gallery and studio on the 1st floor, he has seen an older lady roaming the staircase. He describes her as traveling up and down the stairs between the first floor and our apartment. She is living in her own times, carrying about her business in her world. Even before learning of her presence we have heard noises and sounds at times. We tried to chalk it up to an old home. One night however, my husband and I were getting ready for bed. He turned the lights off above the winding staircase and locked the apartment door. You know our door is locked for sure, as it is a revolving deadbolt and makes a loud “clack” when it locks in place. Tyler and I were sound asleep when something woke us; I got up to see what our two cats had gotten into. I discovered the deadbolt unlocked and the door wide open. This was the first we had observed her in our world. We contacted Dave first thing that day and he simply told us that yes, it was her and she was just living and existing in her world. The older lady was not angry or unfriendly, but we did recognize her. Several other times I have heard or felt something in our bathroom. We have several original pieces and fixtures in our building so I feel she stays around those. In the bathroom we have the original wrought iron tub, and the hallway with the wide wooden staircase where she frequents. Perhaps this is where she feels most comfortable. I am glad to have met Dave to inform us of her.

My family and friends were very interested to come to our home for Dave’s “Explore the Spirit” gathering. Dave is a great speaker, he told us so much about the home’s history, what he saw and felt. He also discussed the older lady on the stairs and the energy of the woman in our front bedroom, their presence and their former lives. We toured the house and Dave answered all our questions. It was truly a memorable day."


Emily Hildebrand

Thursday, February 17, 2011


40 Indications of Pride; Where Do You Rate?
William Hadala, Yahoo! Contributor Network

"Pride happens when we get caught up in trying to get other people to 'admire', 'like', 'love', or 'accept' us. We try to dodge rejection from others at all cost. In other words, through our insecurity, we try to 'coerce' or 'force' others to 'admire', 'like', 'love', or 'accept' us."

"Pride will always say, "Are you rejecting me? Well, I'll show you!!" And on and on we try to get other people's attention to prove a point, or try to be right and make ourselves look better than our neighbour. At the same time your neighbour is likely feeling the same thing toward you, and as a result you get striving and contentions, bitterness, envyings and jealousies! THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF ENERGY, causing unnecessary stress as we try to 'prove' something to others!! This is the fast track to 'ageing' and eventual 'death'." - Peter Frattali

The List:

1. Do you look down on those who are less educated, less affluent, less refined, or less successful than yourself?

2. Do you think of yourself as more spiritual than your mate, and others?

3. Do you have a judgmental spirit toward those who don't make the same lifestyle choices you do .
. . dress standards, how you school your kids, entertainment standards, etc.?

4. Are you quick to find fault with others and to verbalize those thoughts to others? Do you have a sharp, critical tongue?

5. Do you frequently correct or criticize your mate, your boss, or other people in positions of leadership (teachers, youth director, etc.)?

6. Do you give undue time, attention, and effort to your physical appearance—hair, make-up, clothing, weight, body shape, avoiding appearance of aging?

7. Are you proud of the schedule you keep, how disciplined you are, how much you are able to accomplish?

8. Are you driven to receive approval, praise, or acceptance from others?

9. Are you argumentative?

10. Do you generally think your way is the right way, the only way, or the best way?

11. Do you have a touchy, sensitive spirit? Easily offended? Get your feelings hurt easily?

12. Are you guilty of pretense? Trying to leave a better impression of yourself than is really true?
(Would the people at church be shocked if they knew what you were like at home?)

13. Do you have a hard time admitting when you are wrong?

14. Do you have a hard time confessing your faults to God or others? (not just in generalities but specifics)

15. Do you have a hard time sharing your real spiritual needs/struggles with


16. Are you excessively shy?

17. Do you have a hard time reaching out and being friendly to people you don't know at social events?

18. Do you resent being asked or expected to serve your family, your parents, or others?

19. Do you become defensive when you are criticized or corrected?

20. Are you a perfectionist? Do you get irked or impatient with people who aren't?

21. Do you tend to be controlling—of your mate, your children, friends, those in your workplace?

22. Do you frequently interrupt people when they are speaking

23. Does your husband feel intimidated by your "spirituality"?

24. Does your husband feel like he can never measure up to your expectations of what it means to be a good husband, spiritual leader, etc.?

25. Do you often complain—about the weather, your health, your circumstances, your job, your place of worship?

26. Do you talk about yourself too much?

27. Are you more concerned about your problems, needs, burdens than about others' concerns?

28. Do you worry about what others think of you? Too concerned about your reputation or your family's reputation?

29. Do you neglect to express gratitude for "little things"? To God? To others?

30. Do you neglect prayer and intake of the Word?

31. Do you get hurt if your accomplishments/or acts of service are not recognized or rewarded?

32. Do you get hurt if your feelings or opinions are not considered when your mate or your boss is making a decision or if you are not informed when a change or a decision is made?

33. Do you react to rules? Do you have a hard time being told what to do?

34. Are you self-conscious because of your lack of education or natural beauty, or your socioeconomic status?

36. Do you avoid being around certain people because you feel inferior compared to them/don't feel you measure up?

37. Are you uncomfortable inviting people to your home because you don't think it's nice enough or you can't afford to do lavish entertaining?

38. Is it hard for you to let others know when you need help (practical or spiritual)?

39. When is the last time you said these words to a family member, friend, or co-worker: "I was wrong; would you please forgive me?" (If it's been more than a month, mark it down!)

40. Are you sitting here thinking how many of these questions apply to someone you know? feeling pretty good that none of these things really apply to you?


Power of Postive Thought; What You Think is What You Create
William Hadala, Yahoo! Contributor Network

The mind is a powerful tool. In order to live a healthy, happy and positive life it is important to understand how the mind works. All too often it is easy to allow our past experiences to dictate the life we live right now and into the future. Yet until the concept of past, present and future is fully understood the mind will only do what it knows what to do which often times is dwelling on the negative experiences of the past. What you think is what you create.

In an online article entitled, "How to train your mind and be in a good mood" the concept of what you think is what you create is explored in how you live right now and the importance of having a sharp mind.

All too often the busyness of our lives will prevent us from enjoying the present moment. In order to understand the present moment it is important to understand the past is the past, and the future has yet to come. The secret to happiness is living in the present moment. But the human mind is often conditioned through negative experiences as an unhappy person is most likely unhappy because of a negative past. It's important to realize you can not change the past and you need to move on. Yet, when a person tries to do this the first thing that happens is the mind jumps over the present moment and lands into the future with the hopes and dreams of living a better life. But, what about the present moment?

Perhaps you are having financial difficulties, unemployed and even losing your home. It is so easy to dwell on these negative experiences yet if we were able to overcome the mind we would find resources such as a few useful foreclosure negotiation facts or whatever it may be that we might not be able to see because a negative mind will prevent us from doing so as it doesn't know what else to do.

In order to truly be in the present moment the mind needs to become aware of sorting information and experiences that is it perceiving. This is very difficult to do and requires much attention to being aware of what
you are actually thinking about. Also, it is very easy to focus on the negative things people say to us versus trying to find the positive so you can remain happy. All too often what people say and what we think people think about us creates what is otherwise known as being an unhappy negative person. We were not created to be unhappy yet we must overcome our mind to understand how and why we are living our lives the way we are right now.

All these concepts are explored in the article "How to train your mind and be in a good mood". The article is direct and to the point. A definite must read for everyone who wants to start living a happy and positive life. Take the first step forward and read this article as it might change your life forever.