Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Making up your mind about what to do or say can make life difficult at times.... Not knowing what to wear... who to listen too... how to respond to people... these are all decisions that we face and periodically they can pull us down and overwhelm us.... We have to pick and choose our battles... Once you step back and take a good look at your life from a distance ... you can see the big picture.... all of those huge decisions soon will appear to be small.. We have control over every choice in our life... No matter how hard or difficult it may be... By allowing the Spirit to guide you and trusting in God... You will be able to think more clearly... Then you will be able to make the right decisions that will work for you... The next time you have to make a overwhelming decision... think about what choices you have and who is in control.. It may be easier than you think to make up your mind! =) Trust and Believe in the Spirit!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twisted Metal!

Listen to the Spirit!... On my way to the airport in Florida yesterday.... we were about 10 miles from the airport... then all of sudden the traffic was halted on the highway..... It seemed to be about a half mile away and I could see on the side of the road a mangled mess. A pile of twisted metal flung to the side of the road came to a complete stop... The metal which appeared to be some sort of sports car stood lifeless as sirens could suddenly be heard in the distance.

Knowing the gifts that I have been given I could sense the presence of God. As the highway traffic came to a complete stop and the backup began.... I felt the urge to get out the car and go to the accident site... After a short period of time the firetrucks and rescue squads had arrived. I felt a strong sense to get of the car and stand on the side of the road and pray from a distance. Even though I felt the desire to rush to the accident scene.... I listened to the Spirit's direction and allowed God's presence to surround me. You see I have learned to be sensitive to what God tells me... The old David would have sat in the car worried about the accident and everything around me... including the possibility of missing my flight.... But now I knew God was in control. I could feel the pain of the two men in the car... one unconscious and unaware as though in a deep sleep.... The other drifting in and out of consciousness while feeling severe pain of his trapped body.
The car looked like a crushed aluminum can. God told me to be still ... wait and if needed He would tell me.... After a few moments of standing on the side of the road in prayer and submission I headed back to the car.

There were four of us in the car... My sister who was in the front passenger seat (knowing my gifts) asked what I was feeling and if anyone had died?.... I said no! What do you feel? she asked.... How do you know that no that one has died? I told her because God did not tell me or show me a sign... I do not feel the presence of death.... Soon the medical helicopters arrived and took the two men to the hospital....

You may be wondering why I shared this story... The lesson here is to always be prepared for God to use you. God along with the Spirit will equip and guide you in any situation. You may not be lead to do anything but pray... God has a reason for everything that happens in life... It is up to us to trust and follow the Spirit's leading... When we do this we are surrounded and protected by the Spirit. It is our responsibility to listen and be ready. Allow God's Spirit to use your body as a vessel. Our physical bodies will one day disappear but our spirit will live on forever!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook/Twitter Followers! =)

Hey Friends! My Twitterfeed seems to be up and running again! So if you are following my Facebook page make sure you check my official blog for missed posts.... Hopefully twitter is updating again!
Thanks for the support!
Peace, Dave

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Have you ever met anyone who's main goal in life is to make everyone happy? They are afraid to make anyone angry or upset.... They always go out of their way to make sure everyone is satisfied? ... Even if it makes their life miserable.... I have to admit I used to fall into this category.... It was so important to me to make sure that I did not rock the boat.... I was afraid to get people upset with me... I became consumed with pleasing people... Deep down inside I had a strong fear that if I spoke about or shared my true feelings that people would dislike me... The thought of someone not liking me made me ill and became an ongoing obsession... Eventually I found myself so depressed and miserable with my own life that I felt trapped. The fact of the matter is... no matter what we do we can never please everyone.... God made all of us as unique individuals with likes and dislikes..... We must learn to take ownership of our life and at times we have to stand up for what we believe in... even if it means saying the bold two letter word "NO!".. Its ok to not always agree with someone... Search your soul and please your spirit by being true to yourself!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Rise and Shine! Are you the type of person that jumps up out of bed with smile on your face? Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world? Good for you! The rest of the world may have a bit more trouble getting that extra spark of energy in the morning.... For years I suffered from restless sleep and when the morning came... I could barely move.... Laying there... covering my head and dreading the fact I had to get up and face the world.... Sound familiar? Ha! Now days I try to take a whole different approach.... As soon as my brain starts to wake up and stir in the morning.... I thank God for the day and my life even before I open my eyes.... Thinking positive and setting the stage for a great start to the day is crucial.... You may not feel that great, but jump starting your brain with positive thinking is a great beginning... Start training yourself to think positive.... You will be amazed when you begin the day with a new and refreshed attitude... The everyday things in your life that normally remind you of how out of control your life is.... will soon have a new light.... Try it! Allow yourself to start the day with a fresh outlook and a renewed spirit! Rise and Shine!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Have you ever lost your motivation? Ha! There are so many things that you want to accomplish and you just do not know where to begin..?!?... I think we all have felt that way at some point in our life. =0 Over the past few days I have be thrown out of my usual routine schedule.... Which is not a bad thing... It has helped me to wake up and rethink... What I have to tell myself is that it is ok to feel a bit disoriented.... The main thing is not to let uncertainty take control of my life... When I feel like this I know it is time to take a moment to just rest and be in the moment.... I allow my Spirit to connect to the world around me.. By blocking out all distractions that would normally annoy me... I take a deep breath... close my eyes and release all the pressures that start to build up like a brick wall around me... In the peaceful place in my mind... I slowly break the wall down by removing one brick at a time... Sometimes I found myself doing this often and by allowing God's spirit to guide me with His peace... I am re energized and my motivation returns... The next time you feel you have lost your motivation or just feel a bit out of place.... take time to rest and be in the moment.... By motivating your Spirit... you motivate yourself!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Official Website! Up and Running! =)

Hey Friends! I am happy the official website is up and running! .

Make sure to visit the site to book personal appointments or future programs/events!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Grief! / Bad Grief!

When we lose someone special in our life... either by death or the end of a relationship.... We grieve and it hurts. The pain we feel no matter how great or small still can penetrate our soul deep inside. You may ask yourself how long should a period of grief last? There are many theories about this topic.. but what it comes down to is the person. Grieving is a process and there is no instant fix to heal the grieving heart... It may take someone to recovery from a loss a week, month, years or even a lifetime...

What we must remember is that God is in control of our healing process. When we trust the Spirit to guide us we are more equipped to travel down the rough roads on our spiritual journey. Grief - Good or Bad! We have to take the time we need to learn and grow from it... Trust and know that you are not alone... Let the Spirit be your guide!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Stress! Who Needs It? If you are like me you will understand how stress has a way of sneaking up on you..... Everything in life seems to be going smoothly or at least you think you have a good hold on whats around you..... and then all of sudden... you start to get the annoying pressure on your brain .... then your head starts to hurt.... you become restless.... maybe irritable... before you know it stress has got you under its control.... Ugggg..... Ok! Stop! Rewind! Who is in control of the situation? You are! No matter how difficult life may become or seem.... You must realize that you have complete control over your emotions and reactions..... The next time you feel the stress bug creeping up on you..... Take a minute and step back and look at the full picture.... Is it really as bad as it seems?.... What's the worse that can happen?.... Take control of your emotions and let the Spirit guide you... God wants us to be fully trusting in Him..... His Spirit will lead and protect you if you truly believe..... Open up your mind and take time to be alone and meditate... avoid all distractions and just allow yourself to be you..... Stress! Who Needs It? You Don't and Remember You are in Control! =)